Poor competition in the wooden door market is facing a transitional predicament

Although the wooden door industry still maintains a relatively rapid development, due to the continuous adjustment period of domestic first- and second-tier cities and the impact of large environmental conditions such as rising raw material prices and increased labor costs, the Chinese wooden door industry has entered a “consolidation period”.

Wooden door industry restructuring faces severe product homogeneity, weak awareness of brand management and quality supervision, and vicious competition. The source of the wood products market of Fangyuan believes that the entry threshold of the wooden door industry is low, and simple workshops before 2007, relying exclusively on imitation, will not innovate, and the price will become an effective weight for competition. Some small businesses are forced to compete for production pressure and have to cut corners in exchange for temporary price advantage, and ultimately ruin the image of the wooden door industry. In addition, many companies do not have a perfect quality management system, and even the most basic professional quality supervision positions have not been established, let alone brand management and quality supervision.

Shortage of senior management personnel. At present, the bosses in the wooden door business are mostly half-margin and have practical experience. They can make the company a great success. However, when the company develops to a certain degree, it must feel powerless if it wants to advance deep into the army and become a large-scale modern enterprise. The lack of professional senior management personnel and the constraints on the development of enterprises also cause only a few experienced production technicians and marketing personnel to be dug up and go.

Cross-line development pressure. The pan-home diversification model is the trend of the future home furnishing industry. Some strong brands are already strong enough in their own professional fields, and they have begun to develop in a cross-banking manner and march into the wooden door industry. This has a positive effect on the development of the wooden door industry, but it is still more pressure.

The future of China's wooden door development to learn the current marketing concept and business model. After experiencing low-level commercial warfare, such as product warfare and price warfare, the wooden door companies eventually have to enter the high-level commercial warfare stage—brand warfare. Experts believe that the brand is the "final battle of the king" of the wooden door company. At the occasion of industrial change, it is an opportunity for the wooden door companies to establish a good brand. First, companies need to constantly update and innovate business models and means to attract consumers to occupy the market with constantly changing bright spots. Second is the innovation of product sales channels. Currently, the sales channels of wooden door companies are relatively narrow, with the exception of brand stores, directly-operated stores and Outside the conventional building materials market, real estate companies, decoration companies, furniture stores and other channels can all be considered as targets.

Rational development does not blindly expand. Companies doing floors began to try to do the door, do the beginning of the solid wood door to do the paint-free door, do the ecological door to start the paint-free door ... Pan-home diversification seems to be the trend of future development, and some companies have started to act. In the face of the new situation and new trend, the wooden door companies should not expand blindly. When rational development, increase investment in advanced equipment, and strive to improve the level of their own mechanization, only after their own areas of greater and stronger, before they can act.

Introduce top management talents. Including: design talents, technical talents, management talents, high-level marketing talents, etc. Enterprises should improve the overall quality of senior managers and employees as soon as possible. The decision-making ability of the leader is the key to the development of the enterprise. In the past, many wood door business owners often used the “bracket” solution, causing many projects to fail. Scientific decision-making in projects, specialization in market research, and precision in economic forecasting ... all require leaders to have good decision-making capabilities, resilience, organizational coordination, and innovation capabilities. Therefore, the wooden door companies must improve the overall quality of managers and employees in various ways within a short period of time.

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