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Pilates tile is a very common product in the tile market. Its unique texture and exaggerated styling has attracted many consumers and people feel a different style. This type of tile not only looks unique, but also The use effect is also very good, not only easy to clean, but also very good anti-slip performance, it is suitable for families with elderly or children in the family, and it is durable. Let's take a look at how the Pilates tiles are .

How about Pilates ceramic tiles

I. Introduction

Pilates tiles are one of the series of OSRAM tiles produced by Foshan Ousheno Ceramics Co., Ltd. and are more popular among consumers in the market. Basically, every tile brand has Pilates series. According to each brand needs its own style, each brand's Pilates will have some differences, that is, the differences in patterns and colors. In fact, Pilates is a brick texture, Pilates is the second generation, a generation of special ceramic charm series, texture is more three-dimensional, but also more dynamic, the pattern is more exaggerated, just like water lines, so The style of the product is also more exaggerated and dynamic. Foshan Oushenuo Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Italian joint venture specializing in the production and management of various types of wall and floor tiles, glazed tiles and other building ceramic materials. Since its establishment in August 1998, the O.S.O.S.O.C. has introduced world-class ceramic production equipment and has fully utilized Italy's advanced production technologies and management models to achieve scientific, scientific management, innovative product development and rigorous lean production. Through the international authoritative certification body DNV (Norwegian Classification Society) ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental quality management system certification.

Second, characteristics

1, easy to clean

Many people who need to do household chores are concerned about whether or not ceramic tiles are well-cleaned. Especially in small children's families, active and active children like to use the floor as a drawing board. Colored pencils, oil pens, and water pens are all painted on the ground. Stained, easily cleaned tiles became their savior. If the corners of the tile are not straight enough, it will be very ugly when the laying is completed, so the evaluation of the corner straightness is particularly important. The two tiles are spliced, and the gap between the tiles is observed as a straight line, so the straight angle of the Pilates is very reassuring.

2, slip resistance

There are elderly people in the choice of ceramic tiles when more concerned about the slip resistance of ceramic tiles, the Pisgani series anti-slip function is better. The surface of the brick body is polished and belongs to a kind of brick. As far as whole bricks are concerned, the surface is much cleaner. Hard and wear-resistant, suitable for use in most indoor spaces except the restrooms, kitchens. Based on the application of the infiltration technology, various kinds of imitated stone and wood-like effects can be made. The system is fired at a high temperature, the hardness of Mould reaches 8 grades, the wear resistance is <150MM3, and the wear resistance is the highest among the tiles. Although it is a vitrified tile, the luster on the surface is very good, but there is no feeling of sliding on it, and families with old people can choose to rest assured.

3, water absorption

In the selection of ceramic tiles, the water absorption rate is a concern for people in the industry. The use of ceramic tile with high water absorption rate will cause many problems in the life of the decoration. Therefore, the water absorption rate is one of the indicators one must not look at when choosing a tile. Pour water on the back of the Pilates tile and wait for a while to see if the water is not absorbed by the tiles. This can prove that this tile has low water absorption. The low water absorption rate is only 0.08% or less, which is 5-30 times lower than European standards and natural stone. It is used for many years without discoloration, leaving no traces.

4, environmental protection

Selected high-grade ceramic tile materials, no radiation, to break the human use of natural stone must be exposed to radiation and absorption of radon, and then affect the fate of physical and mental health, to create a zero-hazard natural space, is an epoch-making safety building materials. The use of computerized production and inspection equipment, strict quality control, uniform size, easy construction. In the process of industrialization, acid rain has become more and more serious and has become the main cause of industrial environmental pollution. Champion diamonds and championship stones use special formulas, high-temperature firing, acid and alkali resistance, no stains, and easy cleaning.

Third, the price

Category Model Price (yuan/tablet) Specification (mm*mm)

Polished tiles OJ202148.60 600*600

Polished tiles OJ202335.25 800*800

Polished tiles OJ202590.00 1000*1000

Polished tiles OJ202432.00 600*1200

The above is an introduction to the related content of Pilates tiles. I hope to help you. For more information on ceramic tile, please continue to pay attention to information on this site.

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