Pay attention to the ceramic quality when purchasing the basin

Wash basin material, the most used are ceramic, enamel pig iron, enamel steel, terrazzo and so on. With the development of building materials technology, new materials such as glass steel, artificial marble, artificial agate, and stainless steel have been introduced at home and abroad. There are many kinds of wash basins, but their common requirements are smooth surface, impervious to water, corrosion-resistant, resistant to hot and cold, easy to clean, and durable.

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So pay attention to the ceramic quality when choosing wash basins. The high-quality washbasin has a glazed and smooth surface without pinholes, bubbles, glazing, uneven gloss, etc.; hand-punched ceramic sounds are crisp. The inferior ones often have trachoma, bubbles, lack of glaze, and even slight distortion. The sound produced when striking is dull.

There are many types of washbasins and there are generally the following commonly used varieties:

One, angular washbasin

Due to the small footprint of the corner washbasin, it is generally suitable for smaller bathrooms, so that the bathroom has more room for maneuver after installation.

Second, ordinary washbasin

Suitable for general decorative bathroom, economical and practical, but not beautiful.

Three, vertical washbasin

Suitable for bathroom with small area. It can match upscale interior decoration and other luxury sanitary ware.

Fourth, there are along the tabletop washbasin and desktop washbasin

It is suitable for toilets with more upscale decoration and higher grades. The countertops can be made of marble or granite materials.

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