Paint survey: 80% of potential buyers favor "environmental water paint"

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Recently, in a joint survey on paint consumption initiated by a home improvement website between the cities of Guangzhou and Guangzhou, more than 10,000 netizens who participated in the survey exceeded 80%. If there is demand, they will buy water paint products when purchasing paint. The reason is that water paint is safer and healthier than paint. As the concept of environmental protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the concept of paint decoration used by consumers has been rapidly changing.

With the popularization of paint environmental protection concepts, water paint has become an indispensable part of the renovation process. In foreign countries, paint has been ordered to delist from the market in 2004. From furniture to interior decoration, it is decorated with water paint. Even in 2007, paint was completely eliminated from the market, and the penetration rate of water paint has exceeded 90%. However, there is still a considerable gap between the domestic market and foreign countries. At present, water paints are less than 20% in the market and paints are being delisted by environmental protection policies, and the coatings market is expanding. Some paint distributors also basically agree with the current trend of water in and out. Lulian Building Materials Market Mr. Qi said that in the mature coating market, the distribution of water paint needs to find the agent brand water paint manufacturers. The general brand enterprises have rich management and operation capabilities. The dealers only need to find the water paint enterprises, and The above problems can be contacted by the professional team to guide the problem. If there is a problem, there will be no problem, and the dealer will get a one-stop service and worry.

At present, in the face of huge market space, many water paint enterprises only use the old model of “new bottled wine”, which leads to the lack of brand personality and recognition of water paint products in the market, and lacks an overall brand construction and imagination. Industry insiders have called for the coatings market to need to establish uniform standards by big brand companies, raise industry thresholds, and deepen the market awareness of water paints. This is the main factor in the current resistance of water paint to break through the market.

The water paint market, which is entering a period of rapid development, is still optimistic by many industry giants, downstream end markets and potential consumers despite the numerous challenges, because the advantages of water paint are more obvious. According to industry insiders, water paint will be a collective breakthrough in the field of traditional coatings, polluting the environment, labels that are harmful to health will disappear completely from the market as the paint is eliminated. Water paints are more in line with contemporary environmental requirements, from production to use. To make environmentally friendly coatings the norm in the industry.

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