Paint sales are not tracked, everything is empty!

As a sales, do you keep track of your customers? What kind of strategy should you take during the tracking process? What are the misunderstandings? Sales are not tracked, everything is empty!

Customer tracking strategy

1. Take a more special tracking method to deepen the customer's impression of you;

2. Find beautiful excuses for each track;

3, pay attention to the two tracking time interval, too short will make customers tired, too long will make customers forget, we recommend the interval is 2-3 weeks;

4. Don't show your strong desire every time you follow, adjust your posture, try to help customers solve their problems, understand what your customers are thinking about recently, and how is the work going?

The relationship between the customer's psychological points and the main points

1. Awareness of the product;

2. Attitude towards product recognition and satisfaction;

3. Do you have a purchase requirement?

4. Is there a purchase intention?

Two errors that should be avoided in customer communication

1. Explain that the product is endless and cannot grasp the key points.

Many salesmen meet with customers, and when they come up, they sell their products from the beginning to the end, and they are endless. Finally, the customer's reply is considered.

Customers often buy products not because of all the selling points of the products, but one or two selling points. Sometimes, even the opposite is true. The more selling points, the more likely it is to have problems. The salesperson must first find out the customer's needs, and then meet the customer's needs according to the selling point of the product. Of course, explaining the selling point of the product is also a way to tap the needs of the customer, but don't explain it for explanation. It is necessary to explain the product to the customer in a targeted and targeted manner.

2, trapped by the customer's problems, can not guide customers to buy

The salesperson knows that the more questions the customer asks, the more his purchase needs and the stronger the purchase intention. But there must be a premise, that is, whether the customer is asking whether it is a real problem or not. If it is a false question, then the customer is martyrdom or perfunctory.

Some salesmen never consider whether the customer's problem is true or not. As long as the problem is fully answered, it is finally trapped by the customer's problem. If the customer asks me some questions, I will consciously consider whether the question is true or not. He asked the question for what purpose. If it is a real problem, I will answer it patiently, otherwise I will avoid this problem. .

Ways to judge the true and false customer problems

1. The hypothesis is to assume that the problem has been solved and the customer will not buy it.

For example: The customer said: "Your products do not have good after-sales service." I said: "If our after-sales service makes you satisfied, do you decide to buy?". If the customer's answer is yes, then the question is real.

2. The counter-question method is to let the customer solve the problem after the customer asks a question.

For example: The customer said: "Your products do not have good after-sales service." Then I said: "What kind of after-sales service do you think you can be satisfied with?" If the customer puts forward specific requirements, then this question is a real problem. .

3. The conversion method is to turn the problem raised by the customer into one of our selling points.

For example: The customer said: "Your products do not have good after-sales service." Then I said: "Your worry is right, our current after-sales service is not perfect. But you have to know that we are the least complaints from customers. This means that our quality is the most guaranteed, which one will you choose for quality and after-sales service?"

Four common mistakes in sales

One: do not sell well without skills

When I started selling, I felt that the skills were important. I learned skills and learned the gestures and tone of others. The more you learn, the more tired you are.

In the past, some managers asked us to recite words and follow the words they gave, but I always felt like giving me a scorpion in my mouth. It’s not like my own, and I learned the last. I dare not speak. The two words are "uncomfortable."

On the surface, it seems that the honest salesman, the sales representative who does not speak very much, can do the same. Because many bosses like such people, I feel comfortable with them. In addition, most of these people are practical, hard work, and tough, and such quality is more suitable for sales.

Two: Only by looking for a high level can you make a business

We do sales to promote decision-makers and find key people. But not all key people are bosses. Especially for some large companies, their department managers have certain decision-making power. And the bosses of big companies are very busy, and it is generally difficult to meet. Small companies are not all right. Nowadays, there are many family-owned enterprises in China, and the boss’s lover and relatives and friends are likely to influence the results of the list.

Therefore, sometimes the progress of the list is not smooth, you can consider starting from the people around the key people to indirectly achieve the purpose. At the same time, we must pay close attention to these key people around the key people. If they have the conditions, they should strive for their support. Even if they don't support them, they should be neutral, and then they will end up suffering.

Three: The customer's question has a fixed answer

There are a lot of talented sales managers who write their own experiences into brochures and send them to their subordinates. It is also said that this is what they have spent a lot of time to compile, and must be all down, at least 80%. Many sales representatives regard it as a Bible and think this is the best answer.

actually not. Because each customer's temperament culture background is different, the time of each visit and the surrounding environment are different, things are constantly changing, and only in certain occasions, some words are more effective.
Some people like you to talk to him as a joke or a friend, while others like professional rhetoric. If you only have one kind of speech, you will not be flexible, and it will be very passive. So you can find out the answer to each question. These things are like your weapons. Which one is better when you go into battle.

Four: more praise customers can sign more

People are emotional animals, not robots, so if you feel that you can just win the order, you are wrong. Some people like to listen to you at some point and say something that sounds more real and euphemistically responds to their shortcomings. They feel that you are a true friend and you can pay more. Appropriately speaking, some of the objective shortcomings of the other party can help them improve and win the respect of customers.

Remember: Sales are activities between people, be flexible and flexible!

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