One of the key words of the tile machine assembly, level

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The assembly of the tile press is a very rigorous work, and the assembly accuracy is directly affected by the mechanical properties and working conditions of the tile press. After assembling the assembly process, the assembly staff of Songzheng Cold Bending Machinery Factory compiled a set of “Washing Machine Assembly Process Flow”. This article made a brief explanation on one of the key points of “leveling”, in order to help customers better. The identification and judgment of the quality of the tile machine helps customers to purchase cost-effective equipment.

Most of the work of the tile press is balanced and symmetrical. How to “level” is a key point in the assembly work, summarized as follows:

1. The big frame is leveled. After the welding is completed, it will be allowed to stand for a period of time (usually 24 hours) and enter the leveling section. The horizontal leveling is generally used for leveling. Before leveling, place the large frame on the assembly level, then grind off the welding slag, iron tumor iron slag and dust on the large frame. Use the level ruler on the nose, the tail, the middle of the frame and the reinforcement beam. Level the area. After leveling, fix with a horn.

2. The bottom of the shaft is leveled flat. When finding the bottom, first fix the bottom of the two rows of shafts at the end of the machine, and pull the wire from the end of the machine. The thinner the line, the higher the accuracy. Adjust the bottom of each row in turn, and adjust the bottom screw when adjusting. The horizontal line should be slightly below the flat standard line and tighten the fastening screws. Complete the bottom adjustment of each row of axes in turn.

3. Level adjustment of the upper row of shaft rows. The adjustment of the upper row of shaft rows is mainly the control of the upper and lower circumferential gaps. Generally speaking, after the bottom level of the lower row of shafts is adjusted into position, the level of the upper row of shafts is relatively easy to adjust. While adjusting the gap between the upper and lower shafts with the feeler gauge, the level of the upper row of shafts has been determined, but care must be taken to tighten the tightening screws. Otherwise, the gap will be reduced after tightening.

4. Feeding frame level adjustment. Firstly, determine the upper and lower dimensions of the feeding frame. Place the level on the horizontal surface during welding, and adjust the horizontal and vertical directions during welding. Make sure the feed rack is level before, after, and so on.

5. Cutting head level. After the cutting head adjusts the upper and lower positions of the knife edge, temporarily fix it with the adjusting screw, and then adjust the left and right and front and rear levels of the cutting head with the leveling ruler. When adjusting, use the adjusting screw to adjust the diagonally. After the front, rear, left and right are horizontal, tighten with the fastening screws.

The above is a problem that needs to be paid attention to in the “leveling” process of the flat plate pressing machine during assembly. The level of “leveling” is the standard for experiencing the level of assembly of a manufacturer, and it is also the standard for testing the quality of a device. It is also a parameter indicator that customers should pay attention to when selecting a tile press.
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