On behalf of Wang Zhaoli's suggestion: Dedicated to build a new graphite material base

"The government work report has accelerated the strategic adjustment of the economic structure as one of the ten key tasks of this year. It proposes to accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system and promote industrial transformation and upgrading, which has pointed out the direction for us to continue to promote the transformation of resource-based cities." National People's Congress Representative Wang Zhaoli told reporters. Wang Zhaoli said that as a resource-based city dominated by coal, Jixi City, in accordance with the provincial and provincial governments' promotion of the construction of the “Big Economic Zone” and the implementation of the “Ten Projects” strategic plan, further deepens the understanding of the market and looks forward to the development trend. On the basis of this, we have determined the development direction and goals of the “six industrial bases” during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, especially the development of the graphite industry as the top priority for adjusting the industrial structure and cultivating the advantageous industries. New material base. Wang Zhaoli said that Jixi regards the graphite new material industry as the development focus of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, vigorously develops the graphite deep processing industry, cultivates and strengthens a number of graphite deep processing enterprises, and transforms resource advantages into industrial advantages and economic advantages as soon as possible. First, vigorously develop the graphite deep processing industry. Research and develop the development plan of the graphite industry, adhere to policy guidance, market operation, integrate graphite resources, control the scale of mining, standardize the development order, and graphite resources mainly guarantee the need for intensive processing. Introduce strategic investors with strong domestic and leading technology, develop and produce high-purity graphite, spherical graphite and other high-tech content, high value-added deep processing products, and extend the industrial chain. Planning to build a national graphite product inspection and testing center. Strive to build Jixi into the country's largest, most well-known and most influential graphite new material base. The second is to speed up the construction of the graphite industrial park. Actively promote the construction of two more than 2 million square meters of graphite industrial parks in Hengshan and Mashan, improve land resource reserves, and improve the construction of supporting infrastructure such as electricity, water supply and roads. Tracking services for large companies and large groups with cooperation intentions, and strive for the project to go to the sunset. The third is to promote the development of superior mineral products. We will increase support for projects such as silicon carbide, sillimanite and molybdenum, and promote the development of mineral products such as copper, gold, silver, magnesium, potassium feldspar and basalt, and vigorously develop new ceramic materials and new wall materials. , silicon-based new materials, cultivate and strengthen a number of advantageous enterprises, and promote the diversification and scale development of new materials industry.  

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