Octopus scraps can be used to bulk refine natural taurine

The reporter learned from Xiamen East Ocean Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. yesterday that the use of octopus scraps to refine natural taurine projects has been industrialized and put into operation recently. It has now entered the mass production stage and some products have been put on the market.

According to Zhang Yurong, chairman of Dongyang Ocean, Dongyang Ocean needs 4,000 tons of raw materials for each year. During the finishing process, 2,000 tons of leftovers, including internal organs and tail tips, are discarded. In order to fully utilize marine resources and protect the environment at the same time, the company established a scientific research team to develop a natural membrane separation technology to extract natural taurine and anti-fatigue oral liquids from octopus scraps for two years. After the project is put into production, it can annually produce 40 tons of natural taurine crystals, 1000 tons of anti-fatigue oral liquid, and an annual output value of up to 120 million yuan.

Taurine is a sulfur-containing, non-protein amino acid that has important applications in medicine, foods, surfactants, and pH buffers.