Non-metallic minerals such as stone are optimistic in Russia

According to the Russian RBC Market Research Network, the use of non-metallic minerals for the production of gravel, stone, sand, gravel and other Building Materials is a high-yield trade in the world market and an indispensable part of any country's economic development. . The average growth rate of the world's total stone processing production is about 5% per year.

At present, Russia's non-metallic mineral building materials market has shown positive development momentum in both total and total. The total market is more than 60 billion rubles. Russia's domestic non-metallic mineral building materials market has shown a sufficiently high growth rate, with an average annual growth rate of about 27%, while the price increase is also very rapid.

According to the marketing survey data of Russia's Ameco (АМИКО), the largest share of the Russian non-metallic mineral building materials market structure is gravel, with a market share of about 75%. The market share of sand and other non-metallic mineral building materials is almost the same, accounting for 13% and 12% of the total market respectively.

In the next few years, Russian non-metallic mineral building materials production will steadily maintain an annual increase of about 11%. The non-metallic mineral building materials market is a high-yield industry. There are only a few production companies in each region, but they have a high market share. The vast majority of non-metallic mineral building materials producers are located in the southern federal district of Russia. There are about 210 companies here, accounting for about 37% of the total non-metallic mineral building materials manufacturers.

In the Northwest Federal District, there are more than 190 companies engaged in the mining and sales of non-metallic mineral materials. At the same time, the largest areas of exploitation and sale of sand, gravel and gravel are St. Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast, Arkhangelsk and the Republic of Karelia. The Central Federal District of Russia accounts for about 30% of the total, with a total of more than 170 companies. In the Central Federal District, the gravel and gravel trade market is characterized by a high degree of concentration, but there is no prominent corporate leader within the Central Federal District.

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