Ningjiang machine tool has undergone CE certification inspection

Ningjiang Group has started CE certification for the CKN1112 CNC slitting automatic lathe series. The development of this work marks that Ningjiang Group has incorporated CE certification work into the important agenda of the company's development.

The EU stipulates that machinery products imported into the European market must pass CE certification before they can be sold in the EU market. At present, the first phase of CE certification of Ningjiang Group has been successfully completed.

CMC can be used in mining industry as pellet binder, floating selection inhibitor, adjusting agent and dispersant etc.

CMC is widely used as an agent in floating seperation in the mining industry . CMC is the pellet binder and flotation inhibitor. It is a kind of ore forming binder which is indispensable for making pellets, because it can improve the properties of wet ball, dry and roast pellets.

Pellets with good ball cohesiveness have good performance of antiknock, compression and falling, at the same time it can improve the grade of pellets. 

CMC is also a kind of adjusting agent in the process of floatation, in silicate gangue and copper lead separation, It is mainly used as inhibitor, sometimes used as a slurry dispersant. 



Mining Grade CMC

Mining Grade CMC,Mining Grade CMC Powder,Mining Grade White Additive CMC

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