Nine animal husbandry how to drain

Nine animal husbandry products are part of the Jiumu Group Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 1989 and headquartered in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. It is one of the largest manufacturers of sanitary ware products in China. So how about the nine grazing lands ? How about the price of nine animal husbandry land leakage? Let's take a look together.

How about the nine grazing floor drain

Jiumu Group introduced:

Jiu Mu Group's brand is "JOMOO nine animal husbandry." The Jiu Mu brand has won three national honors of “China Top Brand”, “China Famous Brand” and “China National Inspection-free Product”. Since the establishment of the Group, the Group has taken "improving and improving the quality of home life" as its mission, with high quality products and excellent service as the core, and has continuously promoted the improvement of "home life quality".

Nine types of animal husbandry and floor drains:

1, iron stone

The magnetite floor drain is sealed with a magnetic suction seal of two magnets. Because of the poor surface water quality, such as washing articles, brushing ground, and other reasons, the pollution will contain some iron impurities adsorbed on the magnet, after a period of time, the impurity layer will lead to seals can not be closed, in addition to the Earth's large magnetic field The role of magnetic force will gradually weaken.

2, eccentric block

Eccentric block type floor drain is a gasket, one side is fixed with a pin, and the principle of gravity eccentricity is used for sealing. The first drawback is that the seal is not tight, and the pin is easy to damage and cause failure.

3, spring type

Spring type floor drain is divided into bullet type and bullet type. The bullet type is to press the cover plate, and the cover plate springs up and presses again to reset it. The next bullet type is sealed by springs to stretch the sealing pad at the lower end of the sealing core. Because the spring is made of boron iron, it is easy to rust, and the elasticity gradually weakens until it fails, and the service life is not long. In addition, the spring is easy to wind around the hair and the fabric and is not easy to clean.

4, gravity mechanical

Gravity movement, the use of gravity, so the longest life. Gravity mechanical floor drain does not use water seal, does not contain a bit of dirty water, and drains directly. After the water is drained, the bottom seal of the sealing core is automatically closed. When not in use, the floor drain is always in a closed state. The deodorant effect is best, and cleaning is also very convenient. Just take the deodorant core and put it in the water for a few moments. It can be completed in less than a minute. Comprehensive comparison should be the best performance and most popular deodorant core.

Nine animal husbandry leakage prices

How about the nine-grass floor drains and how the nine-grass floor drain prices are briefly introduced here, and I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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