New Year's Day traveling by car You are the first car inflatable pump tire Deflated then afraid to find a half-way shop!

[Asia Pump Network News] New Year's Day travel by car, car inflatable pump with. Why? Vehicles travel, most afraid half-way tire deficiency, if not before the village shop, it is in trouble. So, if it is a case of loss of gas, the use of inflatable pump to pay attention to what? New Year's Day traveling by car You are here: TekBAR> Hackers technician> Inflatable pump Inflatable pump> New Year's premiere by car You are the first car Inflatable pump "" "Free registration can be released Inflatable pump Buying information New Year's car traveling by car, tire half-way loss of gas, can not find repair shop, how to do? With the inflatable pump! Many owners in the first-tier cities that, if you find that the car did not gas, and directly find a repair shop refueling or tire repair just fine, so we will feel backed by the vehicle a pump, not too much necessary. So, now New Year's Day imminent, if traveling by car to remote areas, the tire gas, then how to do it? So, although the inflatable pump is not necessary for automotive supplies, or back up a one or two hundred inflatable pump is appropriate. After all, even repair shops can run into crowds or close doors. Car tires gas, car owners use car inflatable pump, you need to pay attention to what happens? - Check the car tire pressure parameters is essential! Car owners to pay attention to the use of inflatable pump, be sure to check the car tire pressure. Tire pressure is the most important parameter of the tire. If your car does not have a tire pressure monitoring system, also use the tire pressure gauge. It is noteworthy that the tire pressure gauge has a digital and mechanical. Digital display is more intuitive, lighter weight will be more convenient to carry. Insufficient place is the measurement accuracy is limited, easy to have errors, if the battery fails, the memory pressure calibration will be lost. Relatively speaking, the accuracy will be better, you can long-term use. So, then select the tire pressure gauge, also need to consider the number of uses. Finally, Asia pump network Xiaobian remind you, whether it is tomorrow's New Year's Day holiday, or the upcoming Spring Festival holiday, as long as you are a regular car, buy a car inflatable pump is still very necessary. Sometimes you can save a lot of waiting time. Prepare a car with air pump, do not have to worry about car tire halfway loss of gas. Can not find the shop to repair, not embarrassed not panic, we properly take out the car spare pump, do it yourself minutes minutes to get their car back to normal. Further Reading: pump valve pipe fittings Exhibition Water Expo Xiamen exhibition of marine equipment Internet + Forum Yiwu Fair 2016 exhibition mold top ten brands of the Internet information industry (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Author: Asian pumps Network Editor: Su group (QQ / WeChat :) (Service Hotline:)

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