New ultra-fine wear-resistant material: breakthrough high temperature and high pressure restricted area

The compressor is the heart of petrochemical equipment, and its key components involve dynamic sealing. Although the dynamic sealing element is small, it is an integral part of the core technology of the equipment. The high temperature and high pressure oil-free lubricating compressor represents the level of equipment in a country. Traditional dynamic seals often require oil lubrication, which not only has high operating costs, but also contaminates subsequent media. The research team led by Professor Lu Xiaohua of Nanjing University of Technology has invented a new technology for the preparation of ultra-fine wear-resistant titanate fiber (TBF), and developed a world-leading cost-effective, long-life high-temperature, high-pressure oil-free lubrication seal. The components have promoted the simultaneous development of China's compressor industry and advanced countries.

Compared with traditional materials, the new generation of wear-resistant materials has increased the limit temperature from 160 ° C to 185 ° C, and the ultimate pressure has increased from 20 MPa to 32 MPa, breaking through the international traditional carbon fiber reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) composite materials can not be used for high temperature. High-pressure forbidden zone, and can produce different performance TBF according to different needs. The high wear-resistant sealing small components are used in advanced high-temperature and high-pressure compressors to meet the needs of production enterprises, solve the big problems of modern process industry, improve the competitive advantage of oil-free compressors in China, and make important to the West-East Gas Pipeline. contribution.

Compressors currently using TBF sealing materials have been in normal use for gas refueling stations for more than five years. Comparative tests show that the service life of new products is 4~12 times that of domestic products, and the cost performance is 4.7~20 times of foreign advanced products. At present, the product has been successfully promoted to high-temperature blow molding machine, high-pressure nitrogen and hydrogen (32MPa), hydrogen (27.1MPa), propylene, cracking gas, air and other gas compressors, resulting in economic benefits of 230 million yuan. It not only replaces imported products, but also exports 13 million US dollars in foreign exchange, creating billions of dollars in economic benefits for end users.

Compressed natural gas is a clean automobile fuel. At present, China's compressed natural gas refueling station is growing by geometric series. According to the plan, there will be more than 6,000 natural gas refueling stations in China by 2015, and high temperature and high pressure compressors are the key to refueling stations. part. According to Lu Xiaohua, because the compressor outlet pressure is as high as 25 MPa, the sealing components are extremely easy to wear. The existing domestic oil-free lubricating components have a service life of only 800 to 1500 hours, that is, they need to be replaced in 2 to 3 months. Foreign sealing components are extremely expensive, costing 10% to 20% of the total compressor cost, and can not be completely oil-free. At present, most enterprises adopt oil-filled metal sealing components that are highly polluting, which not only increases the cost of the compressor, wastes energy, but also has certain risks.

The reporter learned in the interview that the friction materials produced by this technology have been applied to the automotive brake pad industry in China. The operating temperature of automobile brake pads is above 300 °C. The traditional brake pads will fail due to thermal decay under long-term high temperature. The TBF brake pads with this technology can effectively avoid high temperature thermal decay. Currently, they are in Nanjing, Shanghai and other cities. Installed on the bus. Road conditions experiments show that this product can completely replace high-priced foreign products, and the price is only 1/4 of similar products. It is estimated that 80 million sets of brake pads are needed each year in China, and the demand for wear-resistant TBF in the domestic brake pad market is at least 2,000 tons per year. The output value of high-performance brake pads developed can reach 3 billion yuan.

Lu Xiaohua believes that the traditional PTFE material is suitable for oil-free lubrication of medium and low pressure equipment, and it has great wear and high life under high temperature and high pressure. In order to solve the problems in the application of PTFE, Lu Xiaohua proposed a new idea of ​​using TBF to enhance PTFE to solve the problem of dynamic sealing under severe conditions. This concept breaks through the traditional thinking of improving the wear resistance of the resin. It adopts the reverse thinking of reducing the frictional heat from the source. By filling the titanate fiber, it strengthens the fiber-poor zone where the carbon fiber can not be filled, and reduces the friction coefficient of the material. . Lu Xiaohua led the research team to invent the high temperature and high pressure resistant TBF reinforced new PTFE material, and realized the industrial scale production of new products with long life and oil-free lubricating sealing components under severe conditions.

The ultra-fine wear-resistant TBF material developed by the new technology is chemically stable, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, heat insulation, wear resistance, lubricity, electrical insulation and high infrared reflectivity. Multi-purpose advanced materials. The technical invention not only develops new high-temperature and high-pressure oil-free dynamic sealing components, but also solves many problems in corrosion resistance, catalysis, friction, high-temperature heat insulation and many other fields, and many achievements have entered the stage of industrial production. The project has obtained 8 invention patents, formed patent family protection, and published 45 related papers.

Lu Xiaohua said that the application prospects of TBF in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection in the future are also very broad. Since high-temperature radiation heat transfer is difficult to avoid, high-temperature furnaces in industrial production currently consume the most energy and have high heat loss. The potassium hexatitanate fiber in TBF has the characteristics of high infrared reflectivity and extremely low thermal conductivity at high temperature. It is a new type of heat insulating material, which can save about 20% of high grade energy. If the kiln adopting this technology can be popularized, it will save the power generation of the two Three Gorges power stations. In addition, by adjusting the pore size and porosity of the TBF porous material, the TBF porous material can also be used as a catalyst carrier, which greatly reduces the desulfurization cost of the Euro IV gasoline.



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