National Art Treasure Hall Shanghai Changsheng Hall Kunqu Stage

The closed world is open but open, and anyone can express themselves arbitrarily based on it. Although they can't see the architect's movement during their performance, it is the invisible architect who helped. They create visible performances that architects can't imagine. Anyone in this world forgets the true body, but it seems that there are mana to create everything.

Changsheng Temple Kunqu Stage Panorama

Designers use the form of blanks to create the entire hall, maintaining local traditions and interacting with modern thinking. The overall space seems to be clean, but it is a kind of space with depth that can be changed, and it is rendered gorgeous with the help of lighting technology. From nothing to nothing, this kind of white space is in line with the aesthetics of the Chinese people and is the essence of traditional architecture.

Glass wall design maximizes the use of daylighting

Use a large glass wall to create an unreal mirror effect, while reflecting light over a large area, increasing the brightness and color of the space of the Longevity Hall.

Mobile ceiling design

After the ceiling, the theater shows a self-consistent world; the ceiling opens, the night floods, and the theater presents two separate but interconnected systems. The engineering director of Zendai used a low-tech approach to allow an ordinary person to control the opening of the ceiling.

Stage design

The elevator rises, the gods, the hero and the protagonist come together, the two loves each other, joy; the elevator descends, enters the ground, the idiots blame the women, the yin and yang are separated, sad. The elevator contacted the two-story stage of the theater, which symbolizes the two worlds in the story of the Changsheng Temple.

Audience table design

The curtains are separated, and people of all colors come to the scene, and the curtains are combined. The curtain's clutch is remote, so each interface of the theater becomes the entrance or exit of the stage.

Pool and tree design

The designer has built the original pool in the yard into a natural boundary between the stage and the auditorium, which is naturally preserved and continues the unique tranquility. The same is true of the trees planted in the yard, which is the only reality in the entire virtual space.

Stage design

The rain curtain rose, Tang Minghuang deplored the feelings of the words; the rain curtain fell, Li Longji's sorrowful souls lost. Rain curtain. Using the spray technology, it was deliberately created a jagged effect to set off the protagonist's regret that this hate is endless.

Interior design of the box

The second floor was originally an empty platform. The designer gently placed a glass box here, condescending, separated from the ordinary audience, as a VIP box. The rice paper glass combined with the ice crack glass forms the unique double skin of this box, which naturally provides a unique look and feel.

Stair design

Continuing the structural design of the entire Changsheng Hall, the winding staircase will make the imaginary in the hall the ultimate. It can be connected to the first and second floors without affecting the artistic conception of the space. It can be said to be both practical and beautiful. Became a unique landscape under the illumination of the lights

Space connection design

Exquisite dual skills to bridge the harmony between space and space. Old and new, translucent and transparent, rounded and right angles, and the duality on the facade suggest a balance of internal functions. Seemingly simple, in fact, this is the most unique and gorgeous.

Box entrance design

Maple trees, round windows, and white steps are all together to create an impossible classical garden. The duality in Chinese grammar, it becomes the logic of design.

Stage auditorium

In this façade space, the layered effect is created with a rice paper glass curtain wall, and the bamboo and bamboo wood walls create a warm golden tone and texture. In the Temple of Eternal Life, it is standing on the air, although small, but very broad. The purest but the most abundant.

Life and death, love and hate, the joys and sorrows of life are finally turned into the continuous singing, the reverberation around. At the end of the day, the theater suddenly turned bright, the real world was clearly around, but the audience was still immersed in the world carefully constructed by the architect and Zhang Jun, perhaps that is true.

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Source: GO Jiaju

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