Misunderstanding of indoor decoration pollution control methods

With people's attention to the decoration of pollution , many people have all come up with surprises and tried their best to remove household pollution, so many home remedies have emerged. But often there are ways to counter it. The following small editors have compiled some misunderstandings of the decoration pollution control measures for your reference.

Misunderstanding of a vinegar fumigation

Some consumers try to fumigate vinegar to remove the odor after home decoration. Experts pointed out that vinegar is an acidic substance that has the effect of weakly neutralizing ammonia in the air, but does not react with other harmful components such as formaldehyde.

Misunderstanding two place pineapple

Some people think that putting a few pineapples in each room can eliminate the smell of paint and put more room in larger rooms. The pineapple will volatilize the aroma and it will mask the odor, but it will not decompose and remove the harmful substances. The sensory smell of bad smells will not be found, but the harmful gas will still exist.

Misunderstanding three over-dependence on plants

Some ornamental plants can indeed absorb certain toxic gases. For example, plants that can absorb formaldehyde include cactus, spider plant, aloe vera, ivy, cycad, chrysanthemum, etc.; and three types of flowers such as ivy, cycad, and chrysanthemum all have the ability to absorb benzene. , can reduce benzene pollution. But the key is that their role is quite limited. Facing the dense distribution of harmful gases at the end of renovation, their weak absorption will not only eliminate pollution to the Savior, but even their own health. A consumer once said: “The flowers in my old house have just been placed in a new house and the leaves will be yellow in a few days.” Experts said that this may be caused by indoor pollution.

Misunderstanding four tea roots

Some people even put dried tea roots in tea cups in the closet and room, hoping to help clear the gas. As everyone knows, tea roots are as effective as dry leaves and toilet paper in this regard, with almost no absorption and decomposition.

Misunderstanding five ozone generator

The "ozone generator" as an air purification device is a bigger misunderstanding. Although ozone has a sterilizing and disinfecting effect, it is harmful to human body and it is a medical conclusion. The use of ozone disinfection can only be carried out in an environment where the human body does not contact, and it is obviously not suitable for air purification in the house. As regards the use of ultraviolet light sources as indoor disinfection devices, foreign countries have already eliminated them, and Hong Kong and other places have also been eliminated as early as 20 years ago.

Misunderstanding six superstitious environmental protection building materials

The use of environmentally-friendly building materials helps to reduce indoor harmful gases, but: First of all: China's national standards for green building materials are not ideal. When formulating standards for environmentally-friendly building materials, due to the low level of production status of most domestic building materials companies, some current standards can only be said. It is barely worthwhile, because there will be a large number of enterprises being closed at a slightly higher standard, and the relevant industry supervisory departments will try to improve certain standards and move closer to international standards.

Second: Even if all environmentally friendly building materials are used, the final air quality may exceed the standard. Because most of the environmentally friendly building materials only contain harmful substances and emit harmful gases below a certain standard, they do not contain harmful substances at all, and they do not emit harmful gases at all. In addition, due to factors such as decoration design, residential structure, and ventilation, due to the superposition of harmful gases, As a result, there is still no guarantee that indoor air quality will be up to standard after indoor decoration.

Misunderstanding 7 relies entirely on short-term ventilation

Ventilation treatment as a basic environmental protection measure will improve the indoor pollution, but because most of the harmful substances will be slowly released for 3-15 years, it will not be a matter of months of ventilation to solve the problem in its intensive dissemination period 1- Within 3 years, you have to take a greater risk of causing diseases and cancers; and in northern China, doors and windows need to be closed in winter and summer, and in addition, most rooms and office buildings are not ideal for ventilation, and ventilation will be greatly reduced. In addition, formaldehyde is used as an example. Free, adsorbed, combined with the three states exist. Only the ventilation treatment in the free state can be eliminated and it must be more than four times the normal wind speed.

Myth #8 thinks that there is a strong irritating smell before considering the environmental protection treatment

Like human health conditions, the indoor air environment has three forms: healthy, sub-healthy, and sick. Many harmful gases are colorless and odorless. Like treating diseases, the indoor air environment also needs prevention, health care, and treatment. Like home health doctors, professional indoor environmental companies provide you with a healthier indoor environment by providing environmental protection services.

The relevant information on the decoration pollution control has been introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can follow our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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