Metal abrasion resistant floor performance characteristics how to construct

With the progress of the times, there are more and more types of wear-resistant flooring. The metal wear-resistant floor is a new type of ground building material product. Due to the features of convenient construction, no pollution, low cost and long service life, it has become popular in China. Next, let's take a look at the knowledge of the metal wear-resistant floor .

[What is a metal wear-resistant floor]

The metal wear-resisting floor is composed of selected aggregates with certain particle size grading, high-strength cement, special admixtures, pigments and polymers, and is distributed in the concrete surface of the initial setting stage evenly by dry-type spraying method. With the construction of professional construction tools, a layer of extremely dense, high-strength colored wear-resistant surface layer can be formed on the foundation concrete. Alloy aggregates wear-resistant floor materials Mineral alloy aggregates (tin-titanium alloy) Wear-resistant materials consist of a certain amount of mineral aggregate aggregate, special cement, miscellaneous miscellaneous materials and admixtures, and can be used after opening the bag. It is evenly spread on the surface of the concrete, which is about the initial setting stage, and is processed by special means so as to form a whole with the concrete floor, and the high surname with high density and color can wear the ground.

[Metal Wearable Floor Performance Features]

(1) Has high wear resistance (can increase the wear resistance of concrete by 225%);

(2) Integral with the concrete ground, will not fall off;

(3) The high density wear-resistant surface layer formed has excellent impact resistance;

(4) The construction is convenient, the construction cost is low, and the maintenance cost is low.

(5) Useful life: 25 years or more.

(6) Increase the wear resistance and strength of the ground, increase the surface density, reduce dust and oil resistance, and be easy to clean and resist penetration

(7) Construction together with concrete ground, short construction period

(8) can be formulated in various colors to achieve the aesthetic requirements

[Metal wearable floor application scope]

For concrete floors that are resistant to abrasion and impact and reduce dust, such as: floors of factory buildings, warehouses, warehouse-type shopping malls, maintenance workshops, parking lots, treasury, and docks.

[Metal wearable floor construction steps]

Check the smoothness and adhesion of the original cement mortar floor. After meeting the technical requirements, mix the wear-resistant material with water and stir it evenly before spreading it on the ground. After the initial setting of the wear-resistant material, the machine is stepped and ground. After the grinding material is completely dried, it is polished with a trowel and the light is collected. After the construction is completed, sprinkler conservation is performed. After the completion of the curing period, special machines are used for grinding and polishing, and a special floor wax is used for waxing treatment.

Summary: The above is an introduction to some basic knowledge of metal wear-resistant floors by Xiao Bian. I hope to help everyone.

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