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How to play the shimmer app?

Shimmer app is a social app for watching movies and brushing dramas together. Here's how to play the shimmer app.

Low light app gameplay:

Room 1.1v1 is where only two people watch the drama together and communicate. A multi-person room is a group of people watching a drama, and everyone can communicate together.

2. Click the search button at the top to search for the screening room of the drama you want to watch. Then select the room you want to enter.

3. Click on the match, it will randomly match a 1v1 room. But you can choose to match the gender and age of the object.

4. You can also open the room yourself. Click the "+" in the middle. The first is to choose the movie or drama you want to watch, and then you can choose whether it is a 1v1 room or a multi-person room. You can also invite friends to watch it together.

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