Living room ceiling, in the end or not?

Does the living room need to install ceiling? Some of the owners like to be concise and think that they do not look good, and the simplicity is beautiful. However, some owners have expressed that there is more sense in the ceiling space. Today, we have to look at what kind of knowledge we need to understand when installing suspended ceilings. Ceiling decoration The first step: do a good job in ceiling decoration planning is not every room need ceiling, what kind of ceiling, many owners are actually not clear. Therefore, in order to avoid dissatisfaction with the decoration effect after the ceiling is installed, the owners need to do a good job in ceiling decoration before decorating the ceiling.
The general process of ceiling decoration: First of all, do a good job in ceiling decoration planning, determine the need to do not need to do ceiling, if you do the ceiling, you should choose what kind of style, color, style, etc.; then select the ceiling material; the next step is the material approach, installation and construction Stage; After the completion of the construction, it is the ceiling acceptance stage; the final stage is the cleaning and maintenance stage of the ceiling. 1 Decoration Planning I: Can't blindly decorate the ceiling In the case of the house with low floor height and relatively small space, if it is also installed on the ceiling, it will make people feel nervous and depressed visually, and then cause physiological reactions to human beings. People live. 2 decoration planning II: ceiling height should be appropriate Different ceiling height will give people different psychological feelings, in the decoration, the ceiling height calculation. If the height of the house is only 2.6-2.8 meters, it is best to choose a simple ceiling around the smallpox. It should not be too large. The height of the ceiling is generally 2.3-2.6 meters. 3 decoration planning three: determine the ceiling style style ceiling styles and diverse, common ceiling can be divided into straight lines, flat tops, special-shaped, etc., different ceiling styles apply to different layers, room shape, and create the style of their respective cost one. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the style of the ceiling according to the overall style of the home and the budget. Let's take a look at the common styles of ceilings. 1 Linear Ceiling: Common in Founder space, suitable for modern minimalist style Visual characteristics: Straight ceiling is similar to the vertex line, but the vertex line is narrower and thinner, while the width of the straight line ceiling is mostly between 30-45 cm. Between 8-12 cm. Applicable room: Room height 2.6 meters, living room, bedroom and other areas can be hung, suitable for four-square house. Suitable style: modern and simple 2 Repetitive ceiling: It is mostly used for the visual features of units installed with central air-conditioning : ceilings with more than 2 floors. Applicable room: It is mostly used for units that are equipped with central air conditioning, because the central air-conditioning is about 35 centimeters thicker. The superimposed ceiling can increase the sense of hierarchy, and has a higher requirement for the room height. The general requirement is 2.7 meters or more. Suitable style: modern and simple 3 Plane ceiling: It is used for small areas such as entrance halls and sanitary wares. Visual features: It is equivalent to adding a flat plate to the top surface, usually with an auxiliary light source inside. Applicable room: generally only used in foyer, restaurant and other small areas. In order to increase insulation, a ceiling is also used on the top floor. If you use more than the area, it is recommended to use when the room height is greater than 2.7 meters. Suitable style: modern and simple 4 dome ceiling: more common in villas. High-rise or sharp-roofed rooms have a visual feature: a dome-shaped ceiling or arched ceiling. Applicable rooms: Mostly found in villas, suitable for rooms with particularly high ceiling height or with a pointed roof. The minimum space requirement is more than 2.6 meters. The highest point is not required, usually around four or five meters. Suitable style: European and European style 5 Arc Ceiling: Lines are mostly arc or wavy visual features: arc ceilings often have to walk around the space, but the lines are mostly curved or wavy. Applicable room: suitable for the shaped room. Room height 2.6 meters, restaurants, living room, etc. will do. Suitable for style: decorative style is not obvious, can increase the dynamic and reduce the dull feeling. 6 shaped ceiling: more common in children's room shaped ceiling: more common in children's rooms visual features: itself is irregular graphics ceiling is called shaped ceiling. Applicable room: normal room height (2.6 meters) can be hoisted. Due to material limitations, these graphics are limited to simple cartoons such as stars and moons, and are therefore more common in children's rooms. Suitable for style: suitable for a variety of styles, depending on the shape of the pattern. 7 Mix and match ceilings: complex, it is recommended that the height of the room is 2.8 meters or more and then consider the visual characteristics: use two or more of the front ceiling forms or use materials in two or more types of ceilings. Applicable room: relatively complicated, it is recommended that the room height is 2.8 meters or more before considering the use of such a ceiling, otherwise it is easy to make the space appear repressed. Appropriate style: It depends on the materials used and the style of the model, but it does not apply to modern minimalist styles. Renovation planning: The coordination of the ceiling and the floor layout Xiao Bian Summary: The above is a variety of ceiling methods and the use of space and style, I believe that after understanding the points of the ceiling decoration, you should not do ceilings at home, what kind of ceiling There is also a bottom in my heart. Then the next step is to communicate with the designer to confirm the style, color, style, etc. of the ceiling. Then the designer issues drawings and a complete quotation to guide the actual decoration.

Living room ceiling

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