Last session: Launch crude oil as soon as possible**

Last session: Launch crude oil as soon as possible**
Yang Maijun, chairman of the Shanghai** Exchange, wrote an article explaining the basic design ideas of the crude oil market on the 19th and stated that it will list crude oil as soon as possible.
Different from other varieties, due to the importance of crude oil, foreign investors will be introduced as the core of the crude oil market.
Yang Maijun said that considering the lack of internal competition in a single country in the international crude oil spot market and the characteristics of free international trade competition, the basic ideas for “international platforms, net price transactions, and bonded delivery” were established in the previous period against crude oil varieties.
These three basic ideas are also designed to facilitate the introduction of foreign investors. The so-called “international platform” refers to the internationalization of transactions, internationalization of settlements, and the internationalization of settlements, so as to facilitate the free, efficient, and convenient participation of domestic and foreign investors, and rely on the international crude oil spot market to attract domestic and foreign investors to participate, including transnational oil Companies, crude oil traders, investment banks, etc.; "net trading" means pricing is a net price that does not include tariffs, value added tax, and is different from the current status of domestic ** trading prices are tax-inclusive prices, convenient and international markets are not The direct comparison of tax-inclusive prices; "bonded delivery" is to rely on bonded oil depots for physical delivery.

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