Kitchen decoration color Feng Shui Comments

The feng shui color of the kitchen decoration is a great learning. The color of the kitchen not only affects the overall sense of the kitchen, but also has an impact on our daily life, work, study, etc., and the color of the kitchen is related to people's appetite. Then, the next Xiaobian to introduce the kitchen decoration color feng shui detailed.

1, kitchen taboo with red, black two-color

Because the stove in the kitchen is a fire, and red is also a fire. If the kitchen is mainly red, it can easily lead to a fire in the kitchen and there is a phenomenon of fire and dry earth. This phenomenon can easily cause family disputes, and if it is in the hot summer, Red-based kitchens can also create a kind of fire, and people can't help but fever. In the color feng shui, black is water, and the water is in line with the fire of the stove, which will affect the health of the living family. The kitchen should generally be based on light colors, generally beige, ivory and other trends of decorative colors.

2, the local color of the kitchen

The ceiling, the upper and lower walls, the upper part of the wainscot can use bright colors, and the lower part of the wainscot use dark colors on the ground to make people feel that the center of gravity of the room is stable.

3, the relationship between kitchen and color

North-facing kitchens can use warm colors to enhance the sense of room temperature; rooms facing the southeast are full of sunlight and cool colors should be used to cool them. The fully lit kitchen can be decorated with cool colors to avoid getting hotter in the summer when the sun is strong.

4. The influence of kitchen color on space

In general, the light and bright colors make the narrow kitchen seem spacious; the low purity colors make the kitchen warm, intimate and harmonious; the hue warm colors, the kitchen space atmosphere seems lively, warm, and can increase appetite. By skillfully using the characteristics of color, you can create a space of height and depth, and then make visual adjustments. The kitchen space is too high and can be treated with a dignified dark color to make it look less high; rooms that are too small, with bright colors and light shades, create a sense of spaciousness.

5, the kitchen is best to use white

Feng Shui believes that the kitchen is preferably white. The kitchen is where cooking is done. White can at least show that this kind of hygiene is in good condition, is spotless, and food can be rest assured. Moreover, white can not only arouse people's emotions, but also contribute to people's various emotions. In general, white symbolizes calm, and what emotions are gradually transmitted and faded. The advantage of choosing white is to let go of all the bad things in your heart, turning yourself into a blank, and regaining the joy of life between pots and pans.

The feng shui of the kitchen decoration is a great learning. The color of the kitchen may not attract people's attention, but the focus here is on the feng shui of the kitchen. The color of the kitchen will not only affect the kitchen. The overall sense, but also will have an impact on our daily life, work, study, and so on.

Editor's summary: The feng shui explanation of the color of the kitchen decoration is introduced here. For more information, you can follow this site information.

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