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On the afternoon of July 9, a symposium on the special activities of the Shangqiu Municipal Committee of the Shangqiu Municipal Committee of the Service Industry Cluster was held in Yucheng. Cui Daoshan, chairman of the Shangqiu Municipal Committee of the Jiu San Society and vice chairman of the Third CPPCC, attended the meeting. At the meeting, the Shangqiu Municipal Committee of the Jiu San Society and the Henan University of Technology Committee signed a twinning agreement, combining the advantages of professional talents and the industrial characteristics of the superhard materials industry cluster in Yucheng County to carry out the “concentric peer” activities. At the meeting, the technicians of the diamond production enterprises in the industrial cluster area of ​​Yucheng County and the experts of the River Engineering University discussed the current status of the enterprise and the problems that need to be solved. The experts from the River Engineering University said that through the joint construction, the super-hard materials industry cluster in Yucheng County will increase investment in research, opening and introduction of scientific and technological achievements, and strive to solve the problem of disconnection between scientific research and production within the enterprise, and build the industrial cluster. Dedicated to contribute. Before the meeting, experts and scholars from Henan University of Technology also visited the Fucheng County Huifeng Diamond Co., Ltd., Wanke New Materials, Power New Materials Co., Ltd. and other enterprises to understand the production status of some enterprises.

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