Introduction to the basic principles and working principles of multistage pump selection

The main content of multi-stage pump selection is to determine the appropriate pump type, model and number of units according to the head H, flow rate Q and its changing rules required by the project. The selection basis is based on the design parameters determined in the engineering planning and design.

The selection of multi-stage pumps is the main design basis for the supporting power, transmission and auxiliary equipment and water pump-related buildings, and must be taken seriously.

The basic principle of pump selection:

1. The flow rate q and head h (or pressure) requirements in the production process must be fully met according to the needs of production.

2. The Hunan pump type with good performance and strong adaptability and guarantee with the flow q and head h required by the project is selected. First of all, in the series of products that have been finalized, pumps with high efficiency, good suction performance and wide application range should be selected. When there are a variety of pump types to choose from, technical and economic analysis should be carried out and selected. When the series products cannot meet the selection requirements, new products can be designed and tested according to the prescribed procedures. When the head change required by the project is large, the HQ curve steep drop type pump should be selected; when the flow rate required by the project changes greatly, the HQ curve gentle type pump should be selected.

3. The high-efficiency area of ​​the selected Changsha water pump should be operated as close as possible to the design (rated) operating point.

4. The average device with high efficiency in the long-term operation of the selected head has high efficiency, low energy consumption and low operating cost.

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Label: Basic principles and working principle of multi-stage pump selection

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