Introduction of PK type two-speed electric chain hoist

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Hebei Kaicheng PK two-speed electric chain hoist is small in size and light in weight. It depends on the material of the hoist. The PK hoist is made of high-strength light metal alloy and is divided into single and double-speed lifting. Speed, its lifting standard height is 3 meters, lifting weight from 125 kg to 2000 kg. The working voltage of the PK type electric chain hoist is 220V or 380V.

The structure of PK two-speed hoist:

1. The reducer is a three-stage fixed-axis helical gear rotation principle.

2. Gear and gear shaft: It is an alloy steel material that is processed by high temperature.

3. The box and the cover are made of high-density cast iron.

The components are assembled reasonably and the seal is excellent. The reducer uses separate components, which is especially convenient for disassembly. PK type two-speed electric chain hoist has no center of gravity deviation during work, and it is safe and efficient. PK two-speed hoist can not only work in fixed suspension, but also work in combination with small car on single beam crane and double beam crane. .

According to the use of the two-speed electric hoist, the electrical device can be divided into two types: "direct control type and control type". Direct control is to directly control the forward and reverse speed and fast speed of the motor by the flashlight. The control mode is that the flashlight controls the forward and reverse speed and fast speed of the motor through the contactor.

The control loop is equipped with a control transformer. The flashlight door is safe to operate, and the COBK flashlight door has a single-speed button or a double-speed button. The single-button flashlight is used for the single-speed hoist; the double-button flashlight is used for the two-speed electric hoist. That is, when the first gear is pressed, the motor runs at a slow speed. When the second gear is pressed down, the motor runs at a slow speed. When you continue to press the second gear, click to run as fast. The sign with the clockwise rotation arrow is the red big button for the emergency main switch. When the use ends or when an abnormal situation occurs during use, press this button to cut off the power immediately. When the flashlight door is used, the button is rotated clockwise. When the button is automatically reset, the manual switch is turned on. When the button is automatically reset, the buttons of the flashlight are energized, and the electric hoist starts to hoist.
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