Introduce stone protection, cleaning, care

1. Stone protection products

The effective protection of stone is inseparable from high-quality protective products. The industry practitioners play their talents and grasp the market demand. At present, the market has formed a fierce competition for many brands, which makes the design of protective agents more scientific and reasonable, and more suitable for the characteristics of the Chinese market. .

At the same time, a number of products that are not suitable for national conditions or have poor technical performance have also been eliminated.

The technical performance of stone protective materials has also been continuously improved, which is more suitable for the actual needs of stone, from waterproof type to oil proof type, from silicone type to fluorine type, from surface type to bottom type, and also has protection for special needs. Agents such as: brightening type protective agent, brightening type protective agent.

The construction technology of stone protection is also becoming more and more perfect, and the number of diseases in the stone after protection is also reduced.

2, stone cleaning products

Stone disease and pollution occur in the whole process of stone production and use, so stone disease cleaning products are essential.

At present, the stone disease cleaning products on the market are mainly made in China. The cleaning effect of the products can meet the requirements. The cure rate of stone diseases is over 90%, and the types of products are also rich. Such as common white, water spots, rust and other stone diseases and oil, juice, paint, pigments and other pollution have a corresponding cleaning products.

3, stone care products

The crystal materials used for daily maintenance of stone, there are many imported products on the market, and there are fewer domestic products. Crystalline materials are divided into liquid and solid, which can basically meet market requirements.

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