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Abstract This year's most popular ceramic tile category is undoubtedly a stone-like tile. Its popularity not only allows people who like to be close to nature to abandon the concerns of natural stone radiation, but also the price of their close to the people who enjoy the pockets. The unique texture of the old expensive stone. Of course recognize...

This year's most popular ceramic tile category is undoubtedly a stone-like tile. Its popularity not only allows people who like to be close to nature to abandon the concerns of natural stone radiation, but also the price of their own people, so that people with tight pockets can enjoy the old days. The unique texture of expensive stone. Of course, after recognizing the benefits of imitation stone tiles, it is also necessary to master some strategies for the purchase and matching of imitation stone tiles.

Imitation stone tile is more environmentally friendly
Since the natural stone is taken from nature, the climate change of the four seasons is easy to weather and corrode the protective film on the surface, so that the radioactive elemental mercury contained in it itself will be released, causing certain harm to the human body. The reporter learned that although some merchants claim that the product is a natural stone that has been waxed and sealed, it can seal radioactive materials inside and eliminate radioactive contamination. However, it is not known that the process of waxing and sealing cannot first completely solve the radioactive pollution, and the process of waxing and sealing may bring other pollution.

Compared with the radiation pollution of natural stone, the imitation stone tile is not only radioactive, but also avoids the disadvantage of uneven color intensity. Since the natural stone is extracted from the natural rock mass, the formed flower texture is difficult to naturally connect, so it is impossible to achieve large-area paving when used, and it is difficult to form a unified and complete style. Imitation stone tiles use advanced digital glaze texture, which can make the connection between different tiles more harmonious and natural, not only avoid the shortcomings of natural stone, but also can be easily matched according to personal preference.

Purchase and maintenance prices are lower than natural stone
At present, the price of imitation stone tiles of different brands on the market ranges from 400 yuan to 2,000 yuan. According to Gao Shengli, the chief representative of Bee Tile China, the weight of imitation stone tiles is reduced by 50% compared with the natural marble with very high cost. The overall cost is greatly reduced. He said that the tile after cutting and glazing is high in strength, relatively thin in manufacturing, wear-resistant and impact-resistant, and will not be damaged, so construction and maintenance are much more convenient than natural stone, and its maintenance and cleaning are also general. The tile management method is the same.

Wu Chuanli, director of Beijing Marco Polo ceramics brand, also told reporters that due to the large area of ​​natural stone, it is not convenient in construction and transportation. Moreover, the construction and maintenance costs of natural stone are very high. In the later stage, professional maintenance companies need to be employed for maintenance. The maintenance price is almost 70 yuan/square meter, which causes a certain burden on the family.

Imitation stone tile wear-resistant, good gloss
Natural stone mined from nature not only has uneven color intensity, but also has many defects in its physical properties. According to Wu Chuanli, after the natural stone with cracks is polished, fine holes often appear, so it is easy to suck in use. Stained, and not easy to take care of. In addition, the surface protective film of natural stone is also easily oxidized, so that gloss and abrasion resistance are also affected.

Imitation stone tiles do not have these problems. According to reports, the imitation stone tiles used in the current decoration are divided into two categories. Among them, the imitation stone polished tiles have high hardness and are very wear-resistant after being polished and polished, and can be used in most indoor spaces. The stone-like brick of imitation stone does not need to be polished, its surface is as smooth and translucent as the glass mirror surface, and it can overcome the weakness of the ordinary vitrified brick with poor oil resistance, so it can be used in kitchens and other places where the oil smoke is relatively large. The unique advantages of soft light and pure color are used for the walls or cultural walls in the living room or bedroom.

European style should choose imitation marble tiles
Imitation stone tiles with imitation marble texture are the best choice for European style. The use of light-colored imitation stone tiles with white as the base color and gray lines with gold or ink can create a simple and noble temperament. In addition, the European style decoration often uses marble lines with colorful fabrics, exquisite carpets, classic French wall hangings, etc., to create a luxurious, rich and dynamic home environment. Especially in the living room, if you use imitation stone tiles with marble texture, you can enhance the overall luxury.

Classic style light color dull and dull
Choose a light-colored imitation stone tile such as brown, yellow or white, which can dilute the dullness and dullness of classical home decoration. Light-colored imitation stone tiles, such as yellow or white, are essential in classical home decoration. The classical home environment is generally darker in color. Choose a stone tile that is soft in color, uniform in texture, detailed and light, and enhances the stretch of space. It can make the space very quiet and soft. It is a typical low-key luxury style. . Whether it is used for the living room or the bathroom, it will give people a sense of comfort and gentleness, so that the overall classical style is also more introverted.

Mix and match
When mixing and mashing, pay attention to the simple and complex, dark and light colors of stone tiles. If it is a simple style, the color of the space should be light-colored. At this time, it can be matched with a slightly exaggerated and complex-looking imitation stone tile, which makes the whole space not simple and empty due to unification.

When choosing imitation stone tiles, you should also consider the cultural connotations of different styles. For example, the classic colors of Chinese style are yellow, green and Chinese red, but they do not necessarily have to match these three colors. China has a tradition of reading since ancient times, so you can boldly choose colors with classical characteristics such as bronze and dark green. It can also express the charm of Chinese style.

Four look
Look at the surface, the surface texture is clear, the light is soft, the color is natural, and the crystal is transparent.

Look at the side, see if the granules are fine and even from the side, the granules are large and rough, indicating that the bricks are dense and loose, the structure is dense, and the hardness and wear resistance are high.

Look at the back, see if the color is pure, the general pure color is milky white, can not be black, yellow, the density will be reduced, the damage will be easy to break, the regular big brand products on the back of each piece will have fake lines.

Look at the color texture, the high-end tiles like stone, the texture is natural, realistic, random, and not easy to repeat.

One listen
Listen to the sound, set up the brick and tap the brick with your hand. The more crisp the sound, the higher the density of the brick, the better the quality. The more dull the sound, the worse the density of the tile, the worse the anti-pollution and durability of the tile.

Hand touch, tiles in addition to aesthetics should also consider practical, anti-slip performance is still an important reference indicator when buying.

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