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“Safety for home improvement and advancement of hydropower” are not groundless. Nowadays, more and more accidents caused by hydropower have caused us a lot of property damage and even casualties. We must choose when we choose hydropower reform, installation and construction. Professional and reliable company to build. Before the owners can decorate the hydropower, they can first understand the knowledge of hydropower and see what steps are taken to install the hydropower , so as to avoid the bad habits of the installation companies.

Hydropower installation

1, slotting the water pipe

The construction method, the first line, and then slotted. Slotting of pipelines must be parallel lines and vertical lines according to requirements (better if there is a comparison of construction plans for hydropower projects). Pipes that are to be routed in parallel must be controlled at a height of 60-90 centimeters (counting from the ground). Pipes with faucets must be vertical. Depth control is 4 cm. After the slot is opened, the person in charge of the construction shall remember the size and position of the slotted pipeline. It is convenient to know the position of the pipe when installing the sanitaryware.

2, water pipeline installation

Material requirements, PPR pipe, aluminum plastic pipe. Most users bought plastic tubes three years ago, and more users use PPR tubes in the past two years. The pipeline is divided into cold water pipes and hot water pipes. Hidden pipes eliminate the use of galvanized iron pipes. First of all, through the construction plan construction personnel and the owner to discuss the location and use of water functions. Arrange the water master to drain and install all taps and water positions. If there is a construction drawing, it can be arranged according to the construction drawing. If the waterway function of the construction drawing is not in place for a long time, communicate with the owner to increase the waterway use function.

3, water pipeline inspection

Water pipeline inspection is very important, which is related to the future water safety hidden troubles. We usually use pressure testing to do pipeline inspections. Pressure test is one of the ways to check leaks in pipelines. First, all the inner wires are staked to death with a gambling head. Use a pressure gauge to suppress (12 pressures for home decoration) test water. Check all pipe fittings after pressure. The second method is to open the floodgates for two days and two nights, and check all joints on the third day. I generally take the former method.

4, secondary waterproof

After the water pipeline is installed, all the trunks of the bathroom are mixed and sealed with cement sand. After the trunking and the ground are dry, clean the floor and the wall again. The water on the wall surface can be used for waterproofing. It is best to make the wall waterproof one meter high. If there is a furniture wall on the back of the kitchen wall, it must be full of walls. Plays a damp-proof role for furniture. If the ground must be filled with slag, it must be filled with water after filling. Fill the slag more than 10 cm with cement sand dry mix slag. Do the secondary waterproof floor and the wall together. (There must be a friend here to ask me, when the ground comes into play, it has been waterproof once, why do it now?). The ground surface has been damaged when the water is used in construction of water and electricity, so it must be done together with the wall. The first time to enter the venue to do waterproofing is to be able to determine that the ground will not leak. After the pipeline is installed, the wall and floor will be re-doed once again to make the floor and wall more effective in waterproof protection.

5, slotted wire

The responsible person in charge of the construction consults with the owner and uses the electric power function and requirements, and then he contacts the electrician's master and plays the parallel and vertical lines. Place the switch socket box. The socket type is slotted 40 cm from the ground, the hanging air conditioning socket is slotted 2.2 meters from the ground, and the switch is slotted from the ground 1.2-1.4 meters. The bottom of the switch socket is installed and the horizontal line is to be slotted. The kitchen and bathroom rooms must be slotted according to the designed function.

6, wire circuit wiring

Material requirements, 2.5-6 square meters above copper core, 16mm above line tube. Wiring requirements: Most electrician masters did not consider the separation of strong and weak currents, switches, air conditioning sockets, and electrical outlets in the circuit wiring. So slotting also saves a lot of processes. The requirements for strong and weak power cables are 30 cm apart at the bottom of the limit, and the air-conditioning sockets are dedicated to groups of wires of more than 6 square meters, electrical sockets are dedicated to 4 square meters, and switches are grouped with more than 2.5 square meters.

The air conditioning line group is more than 2 meters away from the ground. The ground wire of the electric wire group, the switch and the top line of the wall of the lamp line group. The bottom of the switch socket must be installed horizontally and vertically so that the rear panel installation will be evener. The switch sockets of the kitchen shall be arranged and installed according to the use function of the kitchen cabinet design. After all the electric lines are laid out, the person in charge of construction remembers the arrangement and discharge dimensions of the lines, which is convenient for the installation of various home accessories in the later period.

The above is the introduction of the relevant contents of hydropower installation and construction. I hope to help you. For more information on hydropower, stay tuned for information on this site.

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