Hydroelectric drawings how to look at the meaning of various symbols of hydropower drawings

Home-installed hydropower construction plans are collectively referred to as building water supply and drainage construction drawings and building electrical construction drawings, and are the main basis for determining project cost and organization construction. Hydropower construction is one of the most important items in home improvement. Therefore, many people want to check the construction projects themselves, but unfortunately they can't read the water supply diagrams for home improvement, so today Xiaobian will teach everyone how to read Construction of this level.

How to look at water and electricity drawings

1. The significance of various symbols on the drawings of hydropower

SC: welded steel pipe

PC: PVC polyethylene flame retardant plastic tube

CT: Bridge

MR: metal trunking

PR: Plastic trunking

WC: Dark Laying Along the Wall

WS(WE): laying along the wall

CC: Dark laying along the top plate

F: Concealed in the floor

CE: along the top plate

SCE: In the ceiling

YJV: Cable

SYV: TV line

PE: ground (yellow-green phase)

PEN: Zero (blue)

3 phase line (FireWire): Item A (Yellow) Item B (Green) Item C (Red)

KV: (Voltage) kV

BV: PVC single-layer plastic wire

BVV: PVC double plastic wire

MEB: total equipotential

LEB: Local Equipotential

2, line laying method code

PVC - laying with flame-retardant plastic tubes

DGL - laying with electrical steel pipe

VXG - laying with plastic trunking

GXG - laying with metal trunking

KRG - Laying with Flexible Plastic Pipes

3, line dark application area code

LA - hidden in the beam

ZA - dark inside the column

QA - dark in the wall

PA - hidden in the roof or ceiling

DA - hidden in the ground or floor

PNA - dark in ceilings that cannot be accessed

4, lighting installation code

D - ceiling

L - chain hanging

G———pipe hanging

B - Wall mounted


BR———Installation in the wall

5, lighting fixtures marking method

a--Number of lamps

B--model or number

c - Number of light bulbs per lighting fixture

D--bulb capacity, W

E--bulb installation height, m


L - light source type, incandescent or fluorescent

The above is the description of the related contents of the water and electricity drawings. I hope to help you. For more information on hydropower drawing, please continue to pay attention to the information on this website.

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