Hydraulic oil pollution and its control

Hydraulic oil is contaminated. It is often the main cause of fire problems in the system. Therefore, it is very important to control the pollution of hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil pollution and its control
Hydraulic oil is contaminated. It is often the main cause of fire problems in the system. Therefore, it is very important to control the pollution of hydraulic oil.

1. Damage to pollution Hydraulic oil is contaminated by the inclusion of impurities such as moisture, air, fine solid particles and colloidal creatures. The main damages caused by hydraulic oil pollution to the hydraulic system are:
(1) Solid particles and colloidal biological obstruction filters make the hydraulic pump work difficult and noise occurs; the valve or component of the obstruction valve type has a small hole or gap, which makes the valve malfunction.
(2) Small solid particles will accelerate the wear of the parts, so that the components can not be properly operated; together, the seals will be scratched and the leaks added.
(3) The mixing of moisture and air will reduce the smoothness of the hydraulic oil and cause it to oxidize and mutate; the gas is angry and the components are accelerated and damaged; the hydraulic system is presented with the appearance of oscillation and sputum.

2. Reasons for pollution The main reasons for the contamination of hydraulic oil are as follows:
(1) Residue contamination. This mainly refers to the sand, iron filings, abrasives, welding slag, rust, cotton yarn and dust that are brought into the process of production, storage, transportation, equipment and repair of hydraulic components. Although it is cleaned, it is not cleaned and remains. Forming hydraulic oil contamination.
(2) Invasion of people's pollution. This mainly refers to the intrusion of pollutants (air, dust, water droplets, etc.) in the surrounding environment through all capable invading points, such as the exposed reciprocating piston rod, the intake hole of the fuel tank and the oil injection hole, forming a hydraulic oil. Pollution.
(3) Biological pollution of the day. This mainly refers to the metal particles generated in the course of the hydraulic system, the wear particles of the sealing material, the paint peeling sheet, the moisture, the bubbles and the colloidal creatures after the oil is transformed, forming hydraulic oil pollution.

3. Control of pollution The cause of hydraulic oil pollution is very messy, and the hydraulic oil itself is constantly polluting, so it is very difficult to completely avoid pollution. In order to extend the life of the hydraulic components and ensure that the hydraulic system is properly homework, it is more practical to control the degree of hydraulic oil pollution within a certain limit. In practice, the following aspects are often used to control pollution:
(1) Strive to reduce external pollution. Before and after the assembly of hydraulic equipment, it is necessary to clean it carefully. The oil tank should be filled with air filter at the atmosphere. The oil should be filled through the filter. Repair and disassembly components should be carried out in the dust-free area.
(2) Filter out impurities generated in the system. A properly sized filter should be placed at the relevant part of the system, and the filter element should be viewed, cleaned or replaced at regular intervals.
(3) Check the replacement hydraulic oil regularly. The replacement hydraulic oil should be regularly reviewed according to the rules for the hydraulic equipment to use the imitation of the protection and maintenance procedures. When changing oil, clean the fuel tank and flush the system into the components.

(4) Control the temperature of the hydraulic oil. When the temperature of the hydraulic oil is too high, the oxidative enthalpy change speed is accelerated, the viscosity is lowered, the sealing property is lowered, and the leak is added. Usually the hydraulic oil work temperature is controlled below 70 °C.

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