How to Renovate the Small Eyes of a Small House

In an increasingly lived society, people are increasingly dissatisfied with their own lives. Begin to understand and plan. During the daytime more and more intense work environment, returning home just wanted to be at peace. White-collar workers start enjoying life all the time, and small-sized houses are the preferred choice for single white-collar workers or young families. Small house, small atmosphere. Often give us a sense of refinement and romance. So, how to decorate small units ? Next, follow Xiaobian to discuss it!

How to decorate small units

1. Use "light decoration" principle in small space

Small rooms are full of cabinets, but they also reduce the space for living. Instead, it's better to use the decorating money to buy some better furniture. The so-called "light decoration" concept of decoration advocates: Under a limited budget, the practical function of the home space should be the furniture decoration is the primary focus of the decoration, as the decoration of the heaven, earth and the wall is a supporting role of space decoration. The small space reduces the fixed and heavy decoration, and the space is moved out, so that people can live at ease.

2, the most refined furniture manufacturing the most brilliant small space

Small space should be carefully selected with exquisite furniture. The bigger the furniture, the more it is contained (but not necessarily the more clever it is), but the less people have relative activities, the heavier the furniture is, the bigger the body is, and the more flexible it is. The smaller the possibilities are, the more miscellaneous the furniture is and the less able it is to express its unique beauty.

3, the layout of the small space, should be based on people, as a secondary storage

The layout of small spaces should also be people-oriented, and supplemented by furniture storage. Because of the small space, there is really no place to put clothes that never wear and cups that are never used, because we need to complete the operation function. Only when furniture and storage are created will the cabinets need to be incorporated instead of cabinets. This concept is easy to understand, but it is ignored by the majority. It is often seen that some people put the cart before the horse, and then seek furniture. Forget about the location where the sun can be warm and soft, whether people walk into the room and whether it is appropriate to cycle back and only see the sofa full of TV, in fact, if the design can return to people-oriented, such crowding can actually be avoided.

4 "ultra-low ceiling" creates the highest sense of space

To make space bigger, we must use brains from the ceiling. The height of the ceiling must be lowered by 30 cm as soon as it is done. If there is no clutter on the ceiling, it is no longer necessary to make wood ceilings. This can save a lot of costly artificial woodwork and create space heights; if ceilings are absolutely necessary, they can do only Local ceilings can not only organize the lines in between but also create interesting visual design.

5, small space to avoid complicated totems, focus hanging lamps to create visual focus

Small space should avoid the totem of complicated totems or excessively prosperous claws, but too light "natural flavor" is there, but it is not free from monotony. Because of the nature of lighting, the light is itself a visual focus, and multiple surrounds the indoor light source, which has long been transformed into A modern master lamp is the concept of a master axis. Focus pendant lamp is a quick way to create a visual focus.

6, to paint color wall, create a visual three-dimensional

Paint is the most effective material to change the atmosphere of the home. Most people think that the small space is more cramped, and the walls must be whitened to have the effect of space expansion. Actually, if the color wall color is properly selected, it can make a sense of depth and expand the space. Visual effect. Taking a rectangular space as an example, if a dark color is painted on a distant wall, the length of the space can be reduced, and the space can be arranged more squarely. In addition, a small space should not use too much decoration, too many wallpapers, or tables. Towel, tired and spend money.

The above is an introduction to the related contents of how to decorate a small apartment and I hope to help you. For more information about small-sized apartment, please continue to pay attention to information on this site.

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