How to maintain the bathroom shower

How to maintain the bathroom shower? With the improvement of people's economic level, the bathroom shower room has entered millions of households. People enjoy the perfect shower experience brought by the shower room and at the same time pay attention to the maintenance of the shower room. Follow the small series together to learn how to maintain the next bathroom shower.

How to maintain the bathroom shower

First, bathroom shower room glass cleaning:

Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the four sides and the bottom of the shower. If there is slight dirt, please clean it with a soft cloth or sponge with a mild detergent. When removing stubborn dirt, use alcohol to remove it.

When using bathroom-specific detergent, be sure to use it correctly according to the precautions described on the container. The wrong method of use can cause adverse effects on the human body, and it can easily cause some undesirable conditions in the product.

Do not use the following items for cleaning: acidic, alkaline solvents, drugs (such as hydrochloric acid), solvents such as acetone thinners, decontamination powders, etc., otherwise it will have adverse effects on the human body, and will cause the product to appear some undesirable conditions.

Push-pull shower door, currently has two ways of sliding block and sliding wheel. The pulley and the slider should pay attention to the problem in use: Avoid the following hard impact against the active door, so as not to cause the active door to fall off; pay attention to regular cleaning slides, pulleys, sliders, add lubricant (lubricant or lubricated wax); regular adjustment The adjustment screw of the slider ensures the effective bearing and good sliding of the slider to the movable door.

Second, bathroom shower room · tempered glass maintenance:

Do not use a sharp object to strike or hit the glass surface to avoid damage; do not wipe the glass surface with a corrosive liquid, so as not to damage the surface gloss; do not use rough materials to wipe the glass surface to avoid scratches.

Third, bathroom shower room maintenance of aluminum frame:

Electrostatic spraying products (refer to white, bone, blue, yellow, red, purple and other solid spray types): To prevent direct sunlight and explosion, because the resin material and the color base powder will produce photosensitive reflection, resulting in spray The layer is discolored; it cannot be wiped with corrosive liquids or materials; the surface cannot be wiped with rough materials (including toothpaste); the surface cannot be portrayed with a sharp object. If stains appear on the surface of aluminum, clean it with a neutral detergent and wipe it with water.

Oxidized coloring products (gold, silver, silver, brushed silver, etc.): These products are not easy to fade compared to electrostatic coating products, but their hardness is poor, so you can't wipe the surface with rough materials in particular. It is even more difficult to characterize the surface with sharp objects. If stains appear on the surface of aluminum, clean it with a neutral detergent and wipe it with water.

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