How to install the toilet

Although the toilet can be installed by professional personnel, sometimes due to economic or other reasons, many people will choose to install it by themselves. Today I will share with you how to install the toilet and some common knowledge about using the toilet. Check it out!

How to install the toilet 1. Before preparing to install the toilet, first check whether the sewage pipe is unobstructed and clean the ground, and then install the matching sealing ring on the sewage outlet of the toilet. After confirming the installation position of the toilet, align the toilet with the drain of the pipe, then slowly lower it, adjust the correct position and determine the installation hole.

How to install the toilet 2. Align the holes marked with the anchoring holes with holes to make sure the installation holes are 10㎜ in diameter and 60㎜ in depth. After the installation holes are made, align the toilet with the installation holes for installation Press down until the same horizontal line.

How to install the toilet 3. Put glass glue on the connection between the toilet and the ground, and fix the surroundings to ensure that it looks beautiful, and then install the anchor screw, after connecting the inlet pipe, first check whether the filter is installed, everything is installed In the future, make sure that the surroundings of the toilet can't touch the water within 24 hours.

You know a few things about the life of using toilets:

1. Cover the lid when flushing

If the toilet lid is not covered during flushing, the cyclone in the flushing can instantly bring germs or microorganisms into the air, and will float in the air for several hours. In addition to falling on the wall, it will also fall on Toothbrushes, cups and towels are also likely to be the source of disease.

2. There is no waste paper basket in the toilet

It may be that a lot of households will set up a waste paper basket next to the toilet to store the toilet paper used in the toilet, but in fact it is very easy to find bacteria that spread in the air, and the longer the storage time, the more bacteria will be generated. more. Therefore, it is not recommended to set up a waste paper basket, as long as paper that is not too thick and tough can be thrown into the toilet and washed away. If you must use the waste paper basket, it is best to choose a lid and clean it on time every day.

2. The toilet should always be kept clean

The toilet should be frequently scrubbed with a special cleaning agent, as well as toilet brushes. It is best to spray disinfectant after each use or soak regularly with disinfectant, and put it in a suitable place. It is very likely if it is not cleaned for a long time. Become a source of pollution.

Editor ’s summary: The above is what the editor shared about how to install the toilet and the common sense of using the toilet It should not be placed in a closed container in the corner.

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