How to install the toilet bowl type

For the installation of the toilet can not be completed, but to ask a professional master to come to the calculation and prediction. In addition, check whether the floor of the toilet seat is horizontal or not. If ground is found to be uneven, level the floor during installation. The following small series for everyone to introduce how to install the toilet and what kind of toilet.

How to install the toilet

1, the ground flatness

The leveling of the ground includes whether the front and rear are horizontal or not, and whether the pipe has sediment, waste paper, etc. These are the basic conditions for ensuring the installation of the toilet.

2, determine the center of the sewage pipe

You can determine the center of the toilet sewage outlet, and then marked the cross centerline, the centerline can be extended to the foot around the bottom of the toilet.

3, fixed toilet

When fixing the toilet, first align the sloping line of the toilet with the sewage outlet of the floor, keep the toilet horizontally installed, tightly seal the sealing ring, and finally install the anchor screw and the decorative cap.

4, the bottom seal

The bottom should be sealed tightly, use a special seal ring, put glass glue around it or fix it with cement mortar.

5, tank accessories installed in the debugging

For water tank fittings, it can be waterproofed first, then install the angle valve and connecting hose and press the water source. Check the tank, you should check the installation position of the drainage valve is flexible, there is no jamming and leakage.

What are the types of toilet?

1, split toilet

The main feature of the split toilet is that it has strong impulses, many styles, and the price is relatively affordable, but the noise of flushing can be relatively large because the water tank and the main body are separate. Splitting selectivity is limited by the pit distance. If the pit distance is less than a lot, it is generally considered to build a wall behind the toilet seat. In addition, the split style is not as good as a Siamese, and it occupies a large area and is not easy to clean.

2, one-piece toilet

One-piece toilet modeling will be a good-looking body toilet, split tank is relatively low, the price is slightly higher than the body. The Siamese type is usually launched into a Siamese type. The noise of the flushing water is not so great. Because the water tank is burned together with the main body, it is easy to burn out, so the yield is low. The advantage is that it is very convenient for fashion and cleaning. Of course, the disadvantage is that it wastes water.

Editor's summary: How to install the toilet and what kind of toilet are introduced here, I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

Toilet toilet toilet how to install

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