How to hang curtain rods

"Light decoration" and "re-decoration" are the most popular trends. This on the one hand has created more decorative space for some individual and independent friends. Many times, people do not ignore any small details when they decorate and match. The choice of curtain rods therefore becomes very important. Following Xiaobian together to understand how to hang curtain hooks and curtain rod selection techniques.

How to hang curtain hooks

There are several types of curtain hooks, such as the small pleated curtain hooks, which are worn in accordance with 1, 2, 3, and 4, and the four feet of the four-toothed hooks are aligned with the numbered hole 1234 marked on the bag, and are not spaced in the middle. , wear the third fork, a large fold of the curtain hanging hook method, according to 1,3,8,9 wear, four pins were inserted into the bag on the No. 1389 hole, the middle gap 4 holes, so that the curtain The pleats look a bit like the shape of a butterfly, as well as our common S-curtain hooking method, inserting the narrow end of the hook into the curtain, and the other end hanging on the small pulley above the curtain hanging rod, no matter what kind of The curtains hanging method must be tight and tidy up, will look good.

Curtain rod selection techniques

1, curtain rod wall thickness. Generally, in order to cut corners and materials, the general manufacturer tends to use hands on the materials. The thinner the wall thickness, the smaller the bearing capacity of the pole, and the more likely accidents occur during use. Remove the decorative head (commonly known as the flower head) and see the nature through the phenomenon. In general, the thicker the better.

2, curtain rod material. To choose a strong, durable product. In general, plastic products are prone to ageing, discoloration, and breakage, but the style colors can be selected; wooden products are susceptible to worms, cracks, and long-hanging heavy curtain fabrics, which are easy to bend and feel awkward when pulling the curtains. , but the decorative effect is relatively high; aluminum alloy products, a single color, aluminum alloy wrapping for a long time and easy to open the plastic, poor bearing properties are not resistant to friction, are economical and practical type; iron paint products are easy to paint, only iron Plating products, surface treatment Guanghua, and bearing, good wear resistance.

3, curtain rod bracket selection is the most important. Pay more attention to the bracket to which you choose the pole. In general, the contact surface between the bracket and the wall should be large, hang to stabilize, the length of the cocoon to be equipped should be suitable for real eating power, followed by the experience of the installation workers and the skill level of the technology. It is also critical. In many cases, the installation of workers is quick and easy, and irresponsible rushes to the wall, leaving many hidden dangers.

4, according to the shape of the window to choose the right curtain rod. The shape of the windows is roughly divided into three types: one-shaped, L-shaped, and U-shaped. In the case of a single window, if the whole wall is equipped with curtains, Roman bars or pulley guides can be selected; if it is only part of the window, the Roman bar is more fashionable. L-shaped windows: You can choose between a long Roman bar and a short Roman bar (not linked to each other), or select an integral guide that can be bent. U-shaped windows, generally can choose to bend the pulley guide more beautiful, especially the bay window, if the top of the window is very close to the ceiling, choose the most suitable rail.

Editor's summary: How to hang curtain hooks and how to select curtain rods are introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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