How to extend generator life generator protection method

For new generators or generators that operate for 50 hours, we must pay attention to the use of methods and the use of maintenance. Zhejiang Jiantou Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd. introduces you to an effective method for extending the life of the generator.

1. Preparation before start-up (1) The operator of the equipment room shall observe the safety operation regulations, wear work clothes and insulated shoes, and the crew shall clearly divide the work.
(2) Check if the flywheel and the generator part guardrail are intact.
(3) Check all transmissions, clutches, governors, oil level, fasteners, etc., and confirm that they are in good condition and the temperature of the oil and water is not less than 20 degrees before starting.
(4) Set the gate of each system to the "work" position.
(5) Check the link bolts of the transmission and fasten them.
(6) Whether the pressure of the clutch handle is normal, and whether the overspeed safety device is positioned.
(7) Check whether the pressure of the gas cylinder is normal and whether the overspeed safety device is positioned.
(8) Open the blowdown valve of the air pump.
(9) Check if the circulating pump, oil pump, and fuel pump are normal.
(10) Place the magnetizing resistor in the maximum resistance position and disconnect the power switch.

2. Starting and Running Operation (1) For units that have been stopped for more than 24 hours, the test valve must be opened and the oil pump must be started. For units that have been shut down for more than 7 days, the insulation resistance of the exciter and the operating circuit shall be measured and must meet the requirements.
(2) Start the fuel pump, release the air in the pipeline and observe if the voltage is within the specified range. If it is normal, you can start it officially.
(3) Check if the voltage of the starting power supply meets the requirements. If the voltage is normal, press the start button and then release the diesel engine after normal operation.
(4) After the diesel engine is running, observe the indication value of the oil pressure gauge. When it rises above the specified value, stop the oil pump, close the scavenge pump drain valve, and wear the front clutch screw.
(5) When the generator is started, it is considered that the generator and all electrical equipment are charged, and the human body must not contact the live parts.
(6) After the generator is started, the speed of the diesel engine should be gradually increased, and the inspection before power transmission is performed.
(7) Gradually adjust the speed of the diesel engine, but be careful to observe whether the generator is operating normally during the adjustment. Normally, the brushes on the slip ring and commutator should be free from pulsation, no spark, and no abnormal noise.
(8) Adjust the generator output voltage and frequency, the voltage value should be stable and reach 380v +-10v, frequency should reach 50Hz +-0.5Hz.

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Methoxyl content: With the reduction of methoxyl content, gel point raise up, water solubility reduce, surface activity decrease.
hydroxypropyl methylcellulose Methoxyl is White or similar to white powder, odorless No heat, chemical inertness, and not participate in the metabolism of human body.

hydroxypropyl methylcellulose Methoxyl HPMC used in Construction:
- Used as the water retaining agent and retarder in mortar to make it has good pumpability.
- Used as adhesives in plaster, gypsum material, putty powder or other construction materials to improve its workability and extend the operation time.
- Used as paste enhancer of ceramic tile, marble and plastic decoration and reduce usage of cement.
- HPMC water retention property can prohibit too fast dry and cracking after the slurry spraying and enhanced strength after hardening.

The molecular formula of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is shown below

hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

100000 Viscosity Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Hpmc,100000 Viscosity Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose,100000 Viscosity Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Hpmc,High Viscosity Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose

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