How to distinguish the toxicity of pesticides?

Pesticides are more or less toxic. The toxicity of pesticides has a certain relationship with the chemical structure of the pesticide itself, the degree of hydrolysis, the photochemical reaction, redox and the reaction of certain components in the human body. According to pesticide toxicity, it can be divided into highly toxic pesticides, highly toxic pesticides, poisoned pesticides, low-toxic pesticides and micro-toxic pesticides.
So how do you identify the toxicity of pesticides ? The China Pesticide Network Xiaobian makes the following summary for you.
Judging criteria for pesticide toxicity
1. Microtoxic pesticides.

The median lethal dose is 5000 mg/kg/kg body weight. Such as carbendazim, chlorothalonil , ethyl aluminum phosphate, zinc, zinc, sterilized Dan, simazine and so on. Therefore, when purchasing pesticides to control diseases, insects, rats and grasses , the majority of flower farmers must know the toxicity of the pesticides purchased in advance, and use them under the guidance of technicians according to the requirements of the instructions. .
2. Low toxicity pesticides.
The median lethal dose is 501 to 5000 mg/kg body weight. Such as trichlorfon , insecticidal double, malathion, phoxim, acephate, metformin, butachlor, glyphosate , thiophanate, trifluralin, bentazon, atla Jin et al;
3. Poisoning pesticides.
The median lethal dose is 101 to 500 mg/kg body weight. Such as Dimethoate, Ye Yu San, Kuweiwei, Dixon, 402, pyrethroid pesticides;
4. Highly toxic pesticides.
The median lethal dose is 51 to 100 mg/kg body weight. Such as carbofuran, fluoroacetamide, cyanide, 401, zinc phosphide, aluminum phosphide, arsenic, etc.;
5. Highly toxic pesticides.
The median lethal dose is 1 to 50 mg/kg body weight. Such as monocrotophos, phosphorus amine, methamidophos, Suhua 203, 3911, etc.;

Learn more about pesticide standards , please pay attention to China's pesticide network !

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