How to design the living room ceiling material

In most people's minds, the ceiling is only a pale concrete surface. However, as the public's demand for dressing up in the living room has been continuously improved, the design of the ceiling has become increasingly complex and varied, and the decorated ceiling can also add a lot to the home. color, plus the wonderful and varied ceiling design, build different decorative effects, of course, in order to meet people's needs, ceiling materials are growing, what the living room ceiling material with good it? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian below and hope to provide some help for your purchase.

What is good for living room ceiling material

1, gypsum board

These materials have obvious bright points, such as light weight, sound insulation, heat insulation, etc., but also easy to adjust the size of the body, it is widely used in the ceiling, but compared to other materials, it is more prone to cracks and deformation, so in Use special care when using it.

2, plywood

In the dress of the ceiling, the use of such materials is extremely extensive, and also has many advantages, such as good elasticity, high strength, easy processing, etc. In addition, various kinds of splints can be easily manufactured during the decoration process. Style, to a great extent to meet a variety of shapes, but easily destroyed by termites.

3, stained glass

This kind of material has a variety of colors and patterns. At the same time, the interior can also be equipped with lighting equipment. It has excellent translucency, but it is generally used in small areas of the ceiling and some decorative parts, making the entire ceiling more attractive. Beautiful, with excellent decorative.

4, Bonny glass fiber

Because its price is cheap, and the surface texture has no directionality, it is concise and atmospheric, so it has been used more and more in the current ceiling decoration, and the advantages of Bonnie Fiberglass also make its market potential very huge.

How to design smart living room ceiling

1, color

Throughout the living room, the area symbolizes "the heavens." Therefore, when selecting colors, it should be light and light, such as the light blue that makes people feel happy. It looks like a clear sky, bright and deep, and milky white. White clouds blossoming, white and flawless, but should avoid using some deep colors, otherwise give a top-heavy feeling.

2, light

In the layout, the selection of lamps is also a part that can not be ignored. For halls lacking natural light sources, fluorescent lamps are the most suitable. If they can be combined with crystal lamps, the effect is even greater. Daylight is used to illuminate the lamp and nighttime is magnificent. Crystal lights make the entire ceiling beautiful and practical.

3, height

From the current situation, the height of the area is mostly about 2.8m. Such a floor height is already somewhat depressed for the modern people who are growing taller. If complicated buildings are used again, they will become even more cumbersome. People have a strong sense of oppression. Living in such a house for a long time will make people feel upset and uneasy.

Summary: The above is about the living room ceiling material with a good article describes, I hope most readers living room ceiling material for what good have a better understanding, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult small series .

Large living room ceiling decoration design

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