How to choose the style and material of the stairs?

After working hard for a long time, he finally bought his long-awaited LOFT apartment, large duplex or villa, and perfectly realized the lofty dream of an upstairs downstairs lamp phone. As a result, the stairs that were never touched during the previous renovation required a good care. Start with the most basic things, set the style, choose the style, and find the Only One that suits you best.

The size of the space determines the style of the stairs. Generally large space is suitable for straight running stairs and curved stairs, while small spaces are often used for folding ladders, spiral stairs, and retractable stairs. So it's not like the stairs are suitable for your own home, or let the space to decide which style of stairs to choose.

Straight run stairs

A straight-lined staircase requires sufficient height and slope to keep the passage straight, so when the number of steps is the same, it will require more and more space than other styles of stairs. For modern families that have "expensive land," this type of product has been less used.

Curved staircase

This is the most suitable for the villa or the use of a large space, the shape of the stairs, the upper and lower floors are made of an elegant arc, natural, beautiful, width, location can be adjusted according to design needs. It is very comfortable to walk on and there are no other stairs as careful and hard. It emphasizes individuality and cannot be mass-produced. It is therefore the most expensive of several styles.


The folding staircase is equivalent to the "transformation" of a straight running staircase, mainly referring to a small space, the use of a stepping connection to divide the staircase into two sections, turning, spiraling, and often U-shaped, L-shaped two forms. The space under such stairs is relatively small and difficult to use, and most families will make it a small storage or decoration area. Relatively speaking, there are more families using this type of staircase.

Spiral staircase

The spiral staircase can be regarded as a combination of a curved staircase and a ladder. It occupies a very small space and is particularly suitable for small duplex and LOFT units. However, because the arc of such a staircase is too large, there is a wide gap between steps, and it is inconvenient to walk. It is easy for people to feel dizzy. Therefore, it is not suitable for families with elderly people and children.

Folding stairs, extension ladders

The floor space for folding stairs and stretching stairs is much less than the spiral staircase, but it is just a temporary ladder. Folding stairs are generally composed of two or three small stairs. When not in use, they can be folded and stowed. The length is only 1/3 of the original stairs. When not in use, they can be completely accommodated in the upper floor and will not occupy the lower space; and the stairs are similar to it. Each step can be closed, and the climate saves space compared to folding staircases. It's like a spring. Pull it down when you use it. When not in use, push it up. These two types of stairs are suitable for small spaces, many things, and only one home in a storage loft.

Steel, logs, glass... There are many kinds of materials for the stairs, which also determine the final price. Which material is better for you? Still seen their characteristics, according to the decoration style, family habits, personal preferences to judge it!

Steel staircase

The entire staircase is mainly made of steel and wood. Generally, the main structure is steel and the steps are wood. The structure is mainly transparent and simple. There are many changes in the shapes and styles.

Advantages: Affordable, absorbing the advantages of wood stairs and metal stairs, comfortable feet, avoid sound, cost-effective.

Disadvantages: Style features are not significant and they do not appear to be of high quality.

Can be used with the style: by replacing the handrail material, pedal color, and different styles of home decoration.

Price: 6000-10000 yuan

Installation and Maintenance: After the product is installed, professionals will regularly repair the door for a period of time to adjust the tightness of the structural connection. After a period of time, it is best to step wax to the solid wood in order to extend its service life.

Xiao Bian: The wrought iron staircase is similar to the steel-wood staircase, but slightly better in style. The general banister is made of cast iron or wrought iron. It is old in color and exaggerated in shape. It has a strong classical and European style and is therefore more suitable for European-style home decoration styles.

Solid wood staircase

It is made of solid wood for the production of staircases. It is often made from precious and dense wood, such as rosewood, camellia, cherry wood, and gold teak. After the raw material screening, dehydration drying, paint brushing and other multiple complex processes completed.

Advantages: natural materials, delicate texture, comfortable texture, reflecting a simple, high-grade flavor of life.

Disadvantages: The cost is too high and it is not suitable for ordinary working families. The material is delicate, easily damped, deformed, and sounds when walking.

Can be used with the style: more suitable for Chinese, European, pastoral, Mediterranean and other decorative style of the family.

Price: 15000-20000 yuan

Installation, Maintenance: The wooden staircase is more delicate and needs better regular maintenance. Do not scrub with a damp rag, and wax it every one or two months. In order to avoid the wear on the steps when walking up and down, you can put a protective pad on the steps.

Xiao Bian: People who love the wood plot like to use solid wood products for decoration, and the stairs are one of the most obvious signs. In the market, the quality of solid wood staircases is mixed. Many JS products are sold well. The price is much lower than that of high-quality products. However, this product has a short service life and can affect family safety after use. Therefore, Xiaobian recommends that you buy money according to the money in your wallet. The goods.

Metal staircase

Stairs made of metal materials, the general shape is relatively simple. Space-sized spaces are available. Only the personality is too clear and not all families can accept it.

Advantages: Simple shape, light weight, outstanding personality.

Disadvantages: The material is too cold, and it needs to be matched with other home improvement products. Sometimes it has too many edges and corners and it is prone to bumps.

Can be used with the style: rare post-modern minimalist style, industrial style.

Price: uncertain, depending on the style, size, and material of the stairs.

Installation and Maintenance: It is more convenient to install metal stairs, but it is a good splicing of various components. After that, it is necessary to regularly adjust the tightness of the connector like a steel-wood staircase. The gloss of the metal staircase is very good. It is best to use a professional cleaner when wiping it. Try not to leave water stains and affect the appearance.

Xiao Bian: Most of the families who choose metal staircases are single nobles, architects, and artists... They have unique aesthetics, preferences, and like personalities, avant-garde, and independent living atmosphere, often immersed in their own living space. . Therefore, such stairs are generally not suitable for families with large populations and old people and children.

Other personality stairs:

Glass step staircase

The glass used in the banisters is not fresh, and the glass is still fresh. This kind of staircase has a good sense of permeability, sometimes with the use of spray or mosaic in the production of tempered glass, the effect is more beautiful, beautiful, generally small space, likes to be simple and clear young families like to use it. But pay attention to this staircase is easy to make people feel dizzy, there is fear of heights TX is best not to use it; and glass slippery, scrub to avoid drips, the elderly, children of the family should not choose it.

Suspension stairs

There is no obvious structural support on the surface of the stairs, the pedals are suspended above the wall, and most of the handrails are also omitted. It is a standard minimalist style. Although making such a staircase is cheaper than buying the whole, the requirements for material selection and construction are very high, otherwise it is difficult to bear heavy weight. The gap between the steps is also easy to make people feel dizzy, Xiao Bian want to persuade friends who are overweight, high fear or not to choose this kind of stairs is better.

Concrete staircase

This is the most original staircase. It is strong and durable, and it is very safe. If it is already in the room, it may be left to be. It is OK to do some surface beautification. If not, it would be troublesome to make such a staircase by yourself, the pouring process is very complicated, the angle is difficult to master, and the production period is long. Relatively speaking, it also occupies a place where it seems to be stereotyped. There is not much style at all. It is not suitable for friends who are small in space and like fashion and beauty.

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