How to accept home improvement hidden project

The construction of hidden projects is crucial for the entire renovation.

1. Distribution engineering is essential

First of all, in the construction process, the construction personnel should strictly follow the requirements of the drawings to distribute the direction of the circuit inside the house, determine the installation position of the future cassette on the wall surface, and prepare for the opening of the slot. In the case of opening the trunking, the depth is generally twice the depth of the line pipe used, the wire trough must be horizontal and vertical on the wall, the height of the cassette should also be consistent, in the wire into the line tube, not allowed in the two cassettes There are joints, TV and telephone lines must not have joints during the course of the route, but the two lines cannot be worn together with other lines.

Secondly, double insulation is required for the power cable connectors after the cable is worn, using insulating tape and waterproof tape. For the power cord on the top must be threaded through, and the wooden keel of the ceiling should be fired, pest control and other two treatments, so as not to cause trouble to the owners in the future.

2. Waterproof works in detail

First, when it comes to a home improvement site, the construction personnel must do a 48-hour water-retaining test. After determining that there is no leakage in the place where waterproofing is performed, the debris on the ground surface should be cleaned.

Second, in the bathroom and kitchen for waterproofing, the bathroom should be more than 1.8 meters waterproof, the kitchen's waterproof layer should not be less than 30 cm. If the wall itself is a lightweight wall, waterproof the entire wall must be treated. When doing waterproofing, special attention must be paid to some subtleties. For example, the corners of the wall and the wall and the corners of the wall and the ground should be treated with clear roots. The angle should be wiped off with a finger or finger, and it should be strictly prevented from occurring. Virtual leak.

Entrance decoration TV TV decoration home bathroom waterproof bathroom ceiling

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Understand home improvement hidden project experts give you advice

The distribution project is very important During the interview, industry sources told reporters that in the renovation construction, the distribution project is the most important part of the renovation and concealment project, because it directly affects the safety of the owner after the occupancy, if there is a slight mistake, If there is a short circuit, fire will occur and it will directly threaten the personal safety of the owner.

2012-08-30 16:39:49
How to check the hidden project

The end of the new home decoration, first of all, to do a good job after the quality of acceptance inspection. This mainly includes the acceptance of "hidden projects", carpentry, paint, metal and some miscellaneous items. Among them, the acceptance of “hidden projects” is particularly important, because complaints caused by “concealed projects” account for a large proportion. Because the “hidden project” cannot be seen invisible, the quality of the project is large and the supervision of the construction process is difficult. Some irresponsible construction teams often turn "hidden projects" into "...

2012-03-14 12:02:32
Small details of the university asked home improvement not to ignore the hidden project

The concealed project is a project that is not easy to see as its name implies. It includes such items as waterway reconstruction, circuit transformation, ceiling structure and bathroom waterproofing. In general, the owners do not understand the materials used in concealed projects, the routing of waterways, the orientation of circuits, and the location of functional outlets. Because after the handover, these projects were buried in the walls, but the owners At least the following situations must be understood.

2012-03-13 11:37:21
Hidden project decoration process is very important

Recently, many readers called to ask how to judge the quality of concealed works in home decoration.

2009-10-30 11:35:40
How to check the hidden project

Now home furnishing renovation wiring is a big project, in addition to the laying of wires, TV cable and telephone lines, audio lines, video lines, etc., more and more computer players home network wiring is indispensable. If it's not a professional technician, it's not a matter of sorting out so many cables.

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