How much does 130 square meters of decoration cost?

As people's living standards gradually improve, many people with certain economic conditions will prefer those large-sized houses. Especially the 130-square-meter house is the first of many people. The 130-square-meter house has a relatively large space area, beautiful decoration effects, and a warm and comfortable living. So, how much does the 130 square meter decoration cost , what are the main points of the 130 square meter house decoration, the following article will introduce it to you.

How much does 130 square meters of decoration cost: living room, bedroom, balcony ground

Many people will put floor tiles in the living room, bedroom and balcony of their houses. When we choose floor tiles, we should choose brand floor tiles. The price of brand floor tiles on the market is about 60 to 80 yuan / ㎡. The installation cost is about 1W.

How much does 130 square meters of decoration cost: living room, bedroom, balcony wall

Living room, bedroom, balcony wall decoration is usually dominated by paint stucco. When we choose paint, it is best to choose brand paint with excellent environmental performance. Generally, the price of 130 square meters of house stucco paint is about 3,000 yuan.

How much does 130 square meters of decoration cost: kitchen bathroom ceiling

The kitchen and bathroom ceilings are our supplementary lessons in home decoration. The material of the chandelier we choose not only needs to pay attention to its quality, but also needs to pay attention to its environmental performance. Usually the price of plastic steel ceilings is 40 to 50 yuan / ㎡, and the price of aluminum alloy ceilings It is about 70 yuan / ㎡.

How much does 130 square meters of decoration cost: sanitary ware

130 m2 house decoration points

1. Regional division

When we design and decorate a 130-square-meter house, we need to make a reasonable division according to the area, otherwise it will cause a waste of space. The space of the 130-square-meter house is relatively spacious, and only through the integration and mutual powdering can we make our home life comfortable.

2. Comfort

Regardless of the size of your house, we must pay attention to its comfort when decorating, so that we can live more conveniently.

Summary of the article: The above is the introduction about how much the 130-square-meter decoration and the main points of the 130-square-meter house are decorated. I hope to provide some help when decorating the house, so that everyone can use reasonable design to make the interior space look more beautiful.

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