How companies stand on the three or four line anti-theft market

How companies stand on the three or four line anti-theft market Since 2005, the anti-theft door market in the first-tier cities has entered a full-blown stage. The brutal competition and high operating costs have made the third and fourth-line markets become the new competitive territory for security door brands, and strong brands are sinking into the market. Therefore, The sales of anti-theft doors in the third and fourth line markets have entered a period of sustained activity. How do companies manage to panic and increase opportunities, based on the three or four line security door market?

Three or four markets into a security door enterprise retail terminal market

At present, many anti-theft door manufacturers' attention is still mainly placed on the project list, because retail security doors are relatively small profits, and the level of contact with the customer and the structure is more complex, the control of the terminal requires a higher level. In general, for Sichuan anti-theft door companies, there are mainly three sales channels: engineering orders, retail orders, and foreign trade orders. Although the process of doing the project is relatively long, it is relatively simple, and more importantly, the profit is much more significant. Therefore, most dealers do not focus on the retail operation of the front door. However, when the business develops to a certain stage and needs to continue to expand sales, it is necessary to consider working on retail orders.

Especially in the current situation of fierce market competition, the competition for engineering bills has become increasingly fierce, and foreign trade orders have also been greatly affected. To further expand sales volume and maintain a certain profit margin, companies must make a difference in retail channels. It is understood that with the rapid development of high-end residential communities and villas in China, consumers are increasingly demanding high-end security doors. More and more communities are increasing the quality of their communities, adding security measures, and are willing to choose to install smart, Technology, high-end security door with fingerprint lock and other functions. According to relevant personage analysis, this year China's high-end security doors have a market capacity of several hundred billion yuan. In the coming years, the high-end Sichuan security door industry will also maintain rapid growth.

For the retail market, opportunities are created in the development of supporting industries. Such as hardware, glass, sheet metal and other industries, the direct impact on the development of security doors. The development of new functions of accessories products and the application of new materials have brought about a new revolution in the development of the Sichuan security door industry. Improve the design of customer contact points, exhibition halls or specialty stores. The design style and on-site effects of exhibition halls or specialty stores will imperceptibly influence customers' impressions of security door products, corporate image and security door brand, and make the exhibition hall show its characteristics. Nowadays, consumers are paying attention to the concept of consumption. Therefore, the design of exhibition halls should also be included in this regard. Chengdu's anti-theft door should allow people to enter the exhibition hall and get the visual enjoyment, so that consumers can look forward with their eyes and eyes. .

With such a large market demand, what kind of market supply is it? At present, China's high-end security doors are still in their infancy, unlike the conventional security door market. It can be said that the high-end anti-theft door market is still a blue ocean, and the market has great potential. At this time, entering this field is a good opportunity.

In the off-season, the sales of large stores are not enough to pay rent and property expenses. From the perspective of input-output ratio, the efficiency of the retail market of the security doors in the first and second-tier cities is very low. With the increase in the consumption capacity of building materials for the three or four-level counties and rural markets, the demand for products based on solid wood composite doors has kept growing. With the small amount of investment and commitment from dealers, the three or four-tier market has become the largest in Sichuan anti-theft door companies. A promising retail terminal market.

In this regard, industry experts believe that Sichuan anti-theft door companies to dig the market, the channel will sink, companies will pay more attention to second-tier cities and even the county level, township market, and provide the appropriate products and services. However, the author has learned that most third- and fourth-tier markets have greater price elasticity for security door products. Therefore, second-tier brands with smaller brand value added are more advantageous than front-line brands.

How companies stand on the three or four line anti-theft market

1, after-sale service

The high cost of after-sales services will be a bottleneck for security companies to enter the third and fourth line market. How to effectively use the funds in the hands to maximize the benefits of after-sales service will be an important factor in determining whether the security door companies can establish a foothold in the secondary and tertiary markets.

2, brand promotion

As a result of the education, dissemination and related news of the security door brand, the health and environmental protection of the security door is the most concern for consumers in the third and fourth line markets. Their primary concern is whether the formaldehyde content of security doors affects health. However, the anti-theft door consumption in the 3rd and 4th markets is not long, consumers have limited access to anti-theft door knowledge, and consumption characteristics determine that the security door itself is a product with low consumer attention (consumers are only Stay in a strong state of concern for a limited period of time, and don't pay attention at other times.)

Consumers are concerned about health issues, but the main information is still from the introduction of product promoters. They do not have much knowledge and understanding of the relevant elements of the security door technology content. With a good product concept and passing the concept clearly to the consumers through high-level promoters, the sale of security doors has been successful.

Security doors are products that come into contact with people at any time. They are affected by the environment and methods of use. Therefore, some minor problems may arise. When consumers in the third and fourth-tier markets encounter unsatisfactory products or services, the probability of adopting formal channels for complaints is not high. First, the awareness of consumer complaints in the third and fourth-tier markets is not strong. Second, complaint channels and management departments are not perfect. Third, a large number of complaints are not well resolved.

3, promotional activities

In the third and fourth line markets, promotional activities are a very important part, and some dealers do not know how to carry out promotional activities. If you blindly promote, once you do not achieve the desired results, it is easy for dealers to lose confidence in the brand. Closely related to promotional activities is advertising. Appropriate advertising will bring direct benefits to product sales, and it is impossible to rely solely on the individual actions of distributors. It is necessary to help dealers to advertise under the overall planning of the company in order to create a bigger market for the company. And considerable sales. Companies that help dealers do these basic tasks will help dealers take detours and quickly improve their performance, thus achieving a win-win situation. With quick action, accurate positioning, and painstaking efforts, security door companies will achieve better results in third and fourth-tier cities.

The rapid development of the security door industry, making the security door gradually into the home market, although the design concept has not been taken seriously by most security door companies, product design has been plagiarized now, but with the security door industry Development, the concept of anti-theft door decoration has been increasingly demonstrated, security door design is gradually changing with the concept of people and humanistic, artistic development. Today’s consumer groups have also undergone tremendous changes. The 60’s and 70’s eras focus on product quality and affordable prices. With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, 80’s and 90’s generations are getting married and buying houses. Again, it is limited to quality and price, and more emphasis is placed on the user-friendliness and ease of use of the product. At the same time, consumers are entering the era of full participation.

Today's consumers have no choice but to comment on the products of consumer companies. Consumers are no longer passive. They want to be able to talk to companies at any time, and they do not believe in authority. They also believe in intuition and reputation. For consumers at the present stage, it is not necessary to buy so many high-end brand products to show their exquisite life, but to pursue personality and feelings, as long as they feel comfortable and use convenience is good.

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