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Unlike pottery, pottery is burned with mud. Porcelain is powdered in porcelain, mixed into a slurry, and poured into a mold. At the same temperature, pottery and porcelain burned out, the hardness of porcelain is stronger. Ceramics was a milestone in human history. It was discovered and applied by people as early as over a thousand years ago. It was initially used as an instrument to put things, and later became a work of art in the Song Dynasty. The popular collection of ceramics, especially vases, is more aesthetic. Now is the hot favorite of people. Ceramic vases are fragile items and maintain ceramics, mainly to prevent external damage factors. If you are interested in ceramic vases , come with me to learn about it!

Ceramic vase features

Ceramic vases Ceramic vases are fragile items that care for ceramics, mainly to prevent external destructive factors. Ceramic vases integrate practicality and decoration and are home furnishings. Ceramic vases are based on craftsmanship and ornamental quality. The ceramic vase is elegant in color, novel in style, and long-lasting water is not easy to rot.

Ceramic vase types

Jingdezhen is an ancient ceramic town in China. Its ceramic gifts are mainly craft ceramics, and porcelain art is famous in China and abroad. Jingdezhen has been producing porcelain since the Five Dynasties. Jingdezhen is known for its “porcelain capital: its products are known as “white as jade, bright as mirrors, thin as paper, and sound as loud”. Its unique style is renowned at home and abroad. Jingdezhen porcelain is beautifully shaped and varied. Rich in decoration and unique in style, blue and white flowers, exquisite flowers, pastels and color glazes are collectively referred to as the four traditional porcelains of Jingdezhen, and they are also known as the quintessence of the fifth golden flower of Jingzhen.

Ceramic vase brand

Jingdezhen Ceramics is a large number of art ceramics, porcelain for life and porcelain for furnishings. It is famous for its white porcelain. It is known as "white jade, bright as a mirror, thin as paper, and sound like a cymbal," and the variety is complete. Product name. Porcelain is excellent in quality, light in shape, and diverse in decoration. In terms of decoration, there are blue flowers, red glaze, ancient color, pastel, bucket color, new color, underglaze color, exquisite blue and white flowers, among which the blue and pink color products are the main products, and the color glaze is famous. There are many types of glazes, including blue, blue, red, yellow, and black.


Ceramic vase price

1, Blue and White Lotus Scroll map aquarium fish tank gift, family-cylinder Market price: ¥ 478 yuan price: ¥ 398 Yuan

2. 1.8m welcoming pine large ceramic vase Jingdezhen ceramic large vase factory direct hand-painted large vase 3600.00 yuan

3, supply housewarming gifts, large vases, real estate project, Chunggong ceramic vases, facade ceramic ornaments, large vases Price: 3000.00

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Ceramic vase to buy small knowledge

First, pay attention to the quality of porcelain

Porcelain is a product that pursues perfection but never reaches absolute perfection. Therefore, it is necessary for you to pay special attention to the art. Artware vases of porcelain, be sure to ask if there is a defective product. Because a porcelain kiln burns Out of it, very good and perfect are a few, most of them have some or all of these shortcomings. Many unscrupulous merchants cheaply approved those inferior goods, and then sold them at low prices online. It is recommended that you study more about past buyers. Commentary. In terms of daily-use porcelain, the country has a standard grade. For porcelain that is advertised as a first-class or superior-grade product, if the price is low, it is basically a problem. Although it does not eliminate the possibility of flaws, it must be First, consider carefully. After all, "cheap, no good goods," is the absolute truth. Therefore, relative to this aspect, you must focus on observing the business: whether or not the reputation is good and whether it dares to "unconditional return" Taobao promises.

Second, pay attention to the quality of the business

Porcelain is an elegant commodity. Even if it is only a practical utensil, it often has many cultural connotations and aesthetic interests. Therefore, on the one hand, you must learn more about the knowledge and culture of porcelain based on your purchasing needs. On the other hand, you should also Pay attention to whether the sellers of porcelain are also tasteful and cultural. Look at his product descriptions, graphic descriptions, and your answers. So compared to this aspect, you have to focus on the business: the shelves are How to choose whether there is a certain grade or not have the overall style, or whether the cabbage radish is as good as if the porcelain has to sell to answer decent, cultural and so on.

Third, pay attention to the professionalism of service

Porcelain is fragile, so packaging, transportation, etc. are more exquisite. So at this point, you have to focus on the business is: whether the transport service is professional whether there is a special security packaging service and which high quality express delivery cooperation The promise of risk, etc.

Fourth, ask a lot of businesses

For example: Does the style of this vase and my decoration match the difference between hand-painted and decal? How large is the vase in this space? What is a porcelain opening, etc...


Ceramic vases placed

Place the vase in the bedroom to pay attention to the color of the vase itself, not too bright; pattern can not be too exaggerated; the bottleneck is not suitable for too small. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive, and married couples will have bad feelings in their husbands and wives. Single people and friends will affect their interpersonal relationships, and the Peach Blossom Index will decline. Personality will begin to become strange and solitary and unsociable. Therefore, the color of the vase itself is elegant, and the real product that can really play the role of feng shui should be, “the bottle of flower blooming” can play the role of reminding peach.

Ceramic vase care

Ceramic vases are fragile items and maintain ceramics, mainly to prevent external damage factors. The so-called external damage factors include natural factors, human factors, and unexpected factors. Natural factors mainly refer to temperature, light, dust, etc. Ceramic vases should not be placed in places with high temperature and strong light, especially thin ceramic bottles. Dust on the ceramic vase, wipe gently with a soft cloth, as careful as the baby's tender skin. Place it properly to prevent it from falling over. Appreciate the hard objects such as rings on your hands, and be careful not to scratch the glaze or cut the edges. When holding objects, one hand holds the bottom and the other holds the body. Do not use only one hand to grasp the mouth of the utensil.

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