Home improvement design living room lighting effects skills

The lighting design of the living room is mainly based on lighting, taking into account the decoration art and mood lighting effects. Generally, the following lighting combinations are more common:

First, the main lights of lighting: mainly for the living room ceiling chandeliers, ceiling lamps, crystal lamps, etc., to meet the main lighting requirements;

Second, the lamp belt: the light source is T4, T5 lamp tube, the common colors are orange, white, red, blue, green; mainly play the effect of the ceiling and the background wall.

3. Spotlights: Spotlights are generally used to illuminate walls and local spaces on the ground. They serve as a finishing touch for decorative effects. They are commonly used in decorative paintings, background walls, partitions and other areas.

Fourth, table lamp, floor lamp: This kind of lamps is rich in style, warm and warm, and it is a good soft ornament. Generally used as an auxiliary lighting function during reading and watching TV.

5. Ground lamp: Although this type of lamp is used less, it can be selected according to personal living habits. For example, families with old people and people who have the habit of going to the bathroom in the evening can set the floor lamp in suitable positions such as porch and living room.

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