Home improvement bathroom waterproof construction skills

Tip 1: Be sure to make the wall waterproof, and make the wall waterproof before laying the wall tiles. Generally, the wall surface should be waterproofed to a height of 30 cm, but the non-load-bearing light-weight wall should be waterproofed at least 60 cm.

Tip 2: The joint between the wall and the ground and the joint between the water and the pipe on the ground are the most prone to problems. It is necessary to urge the workers to handle these corners and the waterproof coating must be applied in place. .

Tip 3: Resurfacing the floor tiles to make the floor waterproof If you need to replace the original floor tiles of the bathroom, after you have cut the original floor tiles, you must first level the floor with cement mortar and then do waterproof treatment, so as to avoid uneven thickness of the waterproof coating. Causes leakage. Always clean the floor before doing waterproofing.

Tip 4: Try not to damage the original waterproof layer. In the newly delivered building, the floor is made of waterproof layer. Therefore, it will not leak if the original waterproof layer is not damaged.

Tip 5: Require the decoration team to do the cement root protection for the upper and lower water pipes of the bathroom, brush 10 to 20 cm of waterproof paint from the ground, then re-do the ester waterproofing, plus the original waterproof layer to form a composite waterproof layer. To enhance water resistance.

Tip 6: The water pipe groove in the wall should also be waterproof. During the construction process, when the pipe, floor drain, etc. pass through the floor, the waterproof layer around the hole must be carefully constructed. The water pipe is buried in the wall to make a reasonable layout. The pipe is uniformly made to be larger than the pipe diameter, the plaster in the groove is smooth, and then the waterproof paint is brushed in the groove.

Tip 7: Accept the waterproofing with the 24-hour “water storage test”. After the waterproofing project is finished, seal the door and the drain, fill the bathroom floor with water to reach a certain liquid level, and mark it, within 24 hours. If there is no obvious drop, there is no leakage in the roof of the house downstairs, and the waterproofing is qualified.

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