Home decoration acceptance must know

Many owners believe that after signing the renovation contract with the decoration company, the rest of the matter can be handed over to the decoration company. In fact, there are still many things that the owner needs to pay attention to after signing the contract. In response, the industry experts put forward A few suggestions:

1, on the spot

At the scene, the owners, designers, project supervisors, and construction managers all participated in the four-party project. The purpose was to explain the budget items, drawings, special processes, and coordinate the relevant procedures to the responsible person in charge on the site.

2, material acceptance

Before the formal home improvement company puts the materials on the construction site, it needs to be checked by the owner. At this time, the industry mainly pays attention to whether the materials match the contract details. Only after the owner signs the decoration company can the construction be carried out.

3, mid-term acceptance

In the mid-term acceptance, in addition to the overall effect of appraisal of the decoration, the owner is important to see whether the construction quality of the construction is satisfactory, generally starting from the following aspects.

First of all, check whether the lighting circuit is in accordance with the regulations, socket lighting switch, total gate, leakage switch, etc. must have a certain height, kitchen, air conditioning should be placed with a dedicated line, to avoid mutual interference and produce a magnetic field. The television antenna and telephone line should be installed in a convenient maintenance location;

Secondly, check whether the drainage is smooth, whether there is leakage, backflow, and water accumulation, and whether the high-grade water supplies are free of scratches;

Then check whether the new stacking wall is vertical, whether the horizontal surface of the brick is the same, and whether the joints are even and tidy. In accordance with industry standards, brick seams should not exceed 1 mm, the overall tile tolerance must not exceed 0.8 mm, the overall error of a flat ceiling should not exceed 0.5 mm, and the board seam should not exceed 0.3 mm;

Finally, the paint should be smooth, feel good, and free from cracks. At one meter, it looks like there is no color difference or nailing. The mid-term acceptance requires the participation of owners, designers, project supervisors, and construction managers. After the acceptance, the company will sign and confirm the quality report.

4. The acceptance of the tail period requires the participation of the owners, designers, project supervisors, and the person in charge of the construction. The overall acceptance of the engineering materials, design, and process quality must be confirmed after signing up.

Experts pointed out that if the owner finds any problems after the completion of the project, he will first contact the decoration company and go to the person in charge of the company where the original construction team is located. If the owner proves to be a construction quality problem, the decoration company must unconditionally change the materials for the user. According to the contract, the home improvement company is responsible for the repair work of the home improvement project for a certain period of time.

The specific warranty issues are: due to the seasonal temperature difference caused by the listed, deformation (including decorative panels, tiles, wood, finished products, etc.); caused by the construction quality problems, such as leaking water pipes, circuit short circuit and so on.

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