High quality pollution-free apple fertilization technology

First, the base fertilizer is based on decomposed organic fertilizer, and with a small amount of nitrogen fertilizer. The application time of the base month is generally carried out in the previous production cycle in September. The fruit trees are fully absorbed and utilized to promote the healing of the roots and ensure the healthy growth of the fruit trees. The amount of fertilization is calculated according to 1.3 to 1.5 kg per 1 kg of apple production, 3500 to 4000 kg of high-quality organic fertilizer per mu, 30 to 35 kg of diammonium phosphate and 10 kg of borax. The fertilization method generally adopts an annular groove casting method. The depth of the fertilization ditch is preferably 40 to 60 cm.

Second, topdressing and topdressing should be based on quick-acting fertilizer. According to the strength of the tree, the level of production and the lack of trace elements, determine the type, quantity and frequency of fertilization.

1. Topdressing time The long-term tree topdressing period is carried out in the spring and autumn shoots of the fruit trees. The phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are mainly used, supplemented by a small amount of nitrogen fertilizer, and the irrigation is controlled; the weak trees should be applied before the early spring germination and before the spring shoots stop. The Zhongyong tree was applied before flowering and before the autumn stopped. It is carried out 2 to 3 times a year. The first top dressing is carried out before the germination in early spring. The fertilizer is mainly applied with nitrogen fertilizer to meet the nutrients needed for flowering, increase the fruit setting rate and promote the growth of new shoots. The second top dressing should be better after flowering. The fertilizer is mainly based on NPK fertilizer to reduce physiological fruit drop and promote branch and leaf growth and flower bud differentiation. The third time should be topdressing in fruit expansion period, mainly applying potassium fertilizer or compound fertilizer to increase the accumulation of nutrients in the tree and promote fruit. Enlargement, ensuring coloration and maturity, improving fruit yield and quality, and enhancing wintering ability of fruit trees.

2. Fertilization types and quantities of nitrogen fertilizers are mainly applied urea, 15 kg per mu; phosphate fertilizer is preferably diammonium phosphate, 20-25 kg per mu, potassium sulfate applied potassium fertilizer, 35-40 kg per acre.

3. Topdressing method Generally, radial ditch fertilization and annular ditch fertilization are used. The depth of the fertilization ditch is generally 15-20 cm. After applying the fertilizer, the cover soil is tightly sealed. If the soil moisture is poor, the top dressing should be combined with watering, and the effect is better.

Third, the root dressing in order to quickly supplement the nutrients of fruit trees, promote apples to increase and maintain leaves, can take the method of root dressing. Specifically, the fertilizer solution is sprayed on the leaves of the apple tree, and is absorbed and utilized by the apple leaves to ensure the normal growth of the apple and prevent the deficiency syndrome. The top dressing time should generally be carried out at 9-11 am or 2~4 pm, avoiding the high temperature stage at noon. The spraying site should be mainly leaf back, and the interval should be 10-15 days. Common fertilizer types and concentrations: 1 Urea can be sprayed after germination, leaf expansion, flowering, fruit expansion and fruit picking. The application concentration is 0.2%-0.3% in the early stage and 0.3%-0.5% in the middle and late stages. 2 potassium dihydrogen phosphate, 0.2% in the early stage, 0.3% to 0.4% in the middle and late stage. 3 Borax is used 1% before and after germination, and 0.3% to 0.5% in full bloom. 4 ferrous sulfate 0.1% to 0.4%.
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