Hidden guards have to prevent

Hidden guards have to prevent

The bathroom is where everyone goes every day. The crisis is hidden in this most unusual place. The frequency of electricity, water and gas used in the bathroom is very high. Therefore, the bathroom suffers from carbon dioxide poisoning, slipping, and electric shock from time to time. Such accidents occur, how to ensure the safety and health of bathroom use, and avoid accidents in the bathroom? Let's take a look at the use of safety tips for the bathroom space prepared by Xiao Bian.

A report on anti-skid work was first reported. The most dangerous thing in the bathroom was the action of taking a bath or getting out of the shower. The percentage of slipped injuries accounted for 9.8% of the total number. The first step in a safe bathroom is to do non-slip work.

Pay attention to the use of electric water heaters, hair dryers, and energized smart products in bathrooms to prevent electricity from reaching the power supply. There is a large amount of water in the bathroom, so electric shocks are very likely to occur, and the existence of water increases self-rescue. Difficulty, so the bathroom should pay special attention to anti-electric treatment.

Preventing the formaldehyde slip in the bathroom and the power supply are the visible safety issues. The Xiaobian had to say that the last one was the potentially injurious "invisible killer" in the bathroom - formaldehyde and bacteria.

Anti-formaldehyde to avoid poisoning The formaldehyde in the bathroom is mainly derived from the furniture used in bathroom cabinets, ceilings, and floors. Generally, formaldehyde smells dissipate most of the time after the decoration is finished for half a year. After the stay, it is necessary to put appropriate amount of formaldehyde in the bathroom to absorb formaldehyde. Maintain ventilation in the bathroom and avoid poisoning.

In addition to bacteria to prevent infection in the bathroom does not remove the bacteria in the bathroom, causing allergies in the body, infecting bacteria, illness, so the bathroom ventilation equipment is essential, such as shower gel facial cleanser at the bottom of the jar, toilet and washbasin joints, bath Normally, blinds such as curtains and bathroom cabinets should be kept clean, especially towels, and it is most important to stay in the sun and keep dry.

Details of the installations and supplies The bathroom design and products are more and more humane, and more effort is devoted to the details of the bathroom. It can also be prepared to help you maintain the health and safety of your family.

In order to be safe, the bathroom can be equipped with a grab bar. For the sake of safety, the bathroom can be equipped with a grab bar, not only for the elderly and children, but also for protecting themselves. After all, we do not know when we fall or fall badly in the bathroom. With armrests, at least you can grab something when you fall.

The shower switch is close to the door Some suggested shower switch is close to the door so that you can test the water temperature at the door. The position of the shower switch should be reasonable. If you have to tilt the body to test the water temperature, then you are likely to be scalded. Or was cold.

The maximum temperature of the water heater is adjusted to below 46°C. Many children have indescribable feelings of intimacy in the water. They like to play in the bathroom. They can use the bathtub as a swimming pool. The parents of the bear family recommend adjusting the maximum temperature of the water heater to Below 46°C, children do not get burned even if they want to “fight water”.

Cabinets to avoid sharp corners Bathroom sinks and bathroom cabinets are designed to avoid sharp and rigid right angles and use circular arcs to better wrap them and avoid accidental bumps and slips that do not hit sharp objects. hurt.

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