Henan: "chain grouping" mode to strengthen advantageous industries

A few days ago, the 150,000 car project of the Haima Group Zhengzhou Base was completed. It marks that Henan Automobile Industry has entered a new stage of development, ending the history of Henan's “only producing auto parts without building a car”. The automobile parts industry has been a dominant industry in Henan for a long time, and it is also a key industry that Henan Province vigorously cultivates and supports. The 150,000 car project of the Haima Group Zhengzhou Base is a concrete manifestation of the development of “chain grouping” of advantageous industries in Henan Province.

Henan Province is a major province of energy and raw materials, and resource-based industries account for a large proportion of industrial totals. The mining industry and raw material industries, which have short processing chains and low comprehensive utilization, account for a large proportion.

Focusing on improving the competitiveness of the industry and making resource-based industries go from "heavy" to "light", lengthening the industrial chain and increasing added value have become the key to adjusting the economic structure of Henan Province.

The Economic Work Conference of the Henan Provincial Party Committee clearly put forward the "three essentials", that is, "to focus on strengthening the strategic support industry", "to actively cultivate strategic pilot industries", and "to vigorously develop modern service industries."

In the efforts to strengthen the strategic support industry, Henan Province proposed to focus on industrial manufacturing industries such as equipment manufacturing, non-ferrous metallurgy, steel, chemicals, food, textiles and clothing, vigorously develop advantageous industrial clusters, and lead the industry's industrial layout optimization and structural upgrading. We will focus on improving the modern manufacturing, system integration and service value-added capabilities of key enterprises, and strive to build an important food industry base, a non-ferrous industrial base, and a coal chemical base.

It is understood that Henan will also give priority to the development of high-tech industries. Focus on strengthening technological innovation, vigorously cultivate emerging leading industries such as electronic information, biology, and new materials, and focus on supporting a number of high-growth enterprises; consolidate two advantageous industries of electronic components and new power sources, and strengthen silicon semiconductor materials and solar cells, new types It displays three major industrial chains: materials and deep processing, superhard materials and products; cultivates and strengthens six high-tech industrial clusters in Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Xinxiang, Xuchang, Anyang and Hebi, and gradually transforms solar photovoltaic and modern medicine into new advantageous industries.

In addition, the modern service industry is also a key industry for the development of Henan Province. In the next few years, we will focus on guiding foreign investment in cultural construction and management, vigorously develop the financial industry, build regional financial centers, and promote openness in the fields of medical care and tourism, and strive to form the core growth pole of Zhengzhou's service industry and the regional central cities. Relying on the unique service industry clusters.

It is not difficult to understand that the hope of Henan Province is to enlarge and strengthen the traditional superior industries, and to do fine and strong high-tech, the purpose is to increase the proportion of high-end products in each industrial chain.

Soon after, the hippocampus produced in Henan will drive to the streets of Zhengzhou. At the end of the history of Henan's non-production sedan, Haima Motor also brought a group of “small hippocampus” – 11 parts and components factories built in the Kaifeng Hippocampus Industrial Park, which have been completed and put into production.

Today, from automobile production to auto parts processing projects, Zhengzhou, Zhongli and Kaifeng are located along the Zhengkai Avenue. The maximum logistics radius is less than 40 kilometers. The Haima Zhengzhou automobile industry cluster has begun to take shape.

The industrial cluster that Haima has formed is the epitome of the “chain grouping” pursued by various industries in Henan Province.

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