Heavy rainfall has occurred in the northeast, and agricultural production management will continue to strengthen.

Since late July , Liaoning, Jilin and other places have experienced five strong rainfall processes. Of northeast, southeast, etc. Jilin cumulative precipitation parts 500 to 600 mm, 1 to 2 times normal rainfall below normal.

The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that by the 29th , most of the Northeast will have a significant rainfall process. Some areas of central and eastern Liaoning, central and eastern Jilin, eastern and southern Heilongjiang will have heavy rains, and heavy rains will occur in parts of eastern Liaoning . Eastern Liaoning, Jilin procedure cumulative rainfall central etc. will be 100 to 150 mm, 200 mm ~ 180 parts of eastern Liaoning Province, the local area rainfall more than 250 mm.

   Since late July , strong rainfall processes have been frequent in Liaoning and Jilin, and the rivers in the Weihe River, Taizi River and Daliao River have remained high, with long-term high-level operation, and severe rainstorms and floods in some areas; eastern Jilin and most of Liaoning The soil is already wet. There will be a process of heavy rainfall in the next three days, and the flood control and disaster mitigation situation remains grim.

First, it is necessary to continue to do a good job in flood prevention and scientifically dispatch reservoir storage capacity. In the future, heavy rainfall will easily lead to floods and floods in eastern Liaoning and southeastern Jilin. It is recommended to continue to do a good job in flood control, scientifically dispatch reservoirs, and prevent flooding and water storage to ensure reservoir safety.

Second, it is necessary to prevent secondary disasters caused by heavy rain. Lower-lying towns and villages need to strengthen prevention and mitigation of internal disasters. In areas where there is a lot of rain in the early stage and the soil is soft, it is especially necessary to guard against possible geological disasters.

Third, it is necessary to continue to strengthen agricultural production management and timely carry out farmland drainage. At present, the soils in most parts of Liaoning and eastern Jilin have been too wet, and heavy rainfall in the future is likely to cause waterlogging in farmland in these areas. It is necessary to continue to strengthen the field management and eliminate the water in the field in time after the rain. In addition, spring maize, one-season rice and soybean in the northeastern region are in a critical period of yield formation. The rainy and idyllic weather will be unfavorable for crop yield. It is necessary to take precautionary measures to prevent early frost damage.


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