Hardware invisible screen window introduction and precautions during use

The invisible screen window is a screen that the gauze can automatically rewind. Mainly for ventilation and anti-mosquito. The frame is attached to the window frame, and the gauze is pulled down when it is used. When not in use, the gauze will automatically rewind into the net box. It does not take up space and is highly sealed. Coordinate with high-end home decoration. Roller working principle: the gauze is collected through the reel. Opening method: manual, electric, chain beads. Opening direction: vertical and horizontal. Folding principle: The gauze is collected through the folds of the gauze (like the accordion). Open mode: mostly manual. Opening direction: vertical and horizontal.

1. If the surface of the frame is accidentally ground, use Belle beads to scrub or spray the paint.

2. When the screen door and window are not needed, the gauze should be put away to avoid the long-term closing of the screen door window and affect the service life of the spring and the cleanliness of the gauze.

3. It is forbidden to force the aluminum profile to avoid damage to the aluminum profile.

4. The screen window does not need to be removed for cleaning, it can play a cleaning role when pulling the screen window, or it can also play a cleaning role by tapping the gauze with feather duster. If the screen of the kitchen is stained with soot, use a damp cloth to clean the gauze and wipe it off with a damp cloth. Wait until the gauze is dry and then rewind.

5. When the exterior door and window are exposed to wind and rain, the gauze should be rolled back before closing the window. If the gauze is floating due to the wind, the gauze should be stuffed into the track and then the door and window should be pulled. When the wind is too high, it is recommended that the window be closed or not used.

6. Pull the mesh strips in parallel along the track, if you accidentally pull the clips out of the track. You can first tilt the mesh strips into the rails, and then pull them gently several times (when pulling, pay attention to whether the upper and lower gauze are flat and rewind). The screen door and window will be restored, which will not affect the future use.

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Label: Hardware invisible screen window introduction and precautions when using

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