Gothic decoration style how to gothic style how to choose decorative furniture

Gothic decoration style is still relatively small in the country, and now there are many home styles. Everyone will choose Chinese style, European style or American style. Everyone knows Gothic style should be the impression of architecture in the movie. In fact, the Gothic style decoration style is also a very good choice, following the small series together to see how the Gothic style decoration and some related to it!

How about Gothic style?

The Gothic style of decoration is from France. It is one of the more popular decoration styles in European countries. The sense that this style is mainly presented to us is the sense of vertical ascent. In this style, the construction forms such as tip vouchers, pointed arches, and flying buttress are used. The interior space is high-pitched, simple, and united, and the architectural style and structure method form an organic whole. The Gothic style is a straight line of Roman style inheritance. The momentum of rapid rise in volume is the basic style of the sudden transition. The window decoration likes to use the colored glass mosaic, the color is mainly blue, dark red, purple, achieves 12 color synthesis application, beautiful and exquisite psychedelic.

Gothic style decoration features

The towering, pointed arches of the minaret are hallmarks of the Gothic architecture. There are also window panes with Bible stories on large windows. In the design, a light and slender flying sensation is created, often combined with a long window with stained glass, giving the house a unique sense of beauty. Rough gothic furniture is suitable for the construction of castles. Some art and culture people like the gothic sense of mystery. This style is often surrounded by dark wooden walls, dark tapestry tapestry, and a unique pattern. Gothic bedroom with dark curtains, tulip pattern wallpaper, like to use dark red, dark purple, dark blue and gold.

How to choose decorative furniture in gothic style

In Gothic style, how should furniture and decoration match? Gothic style furniture is a more dignified and majestic choice. The Gothic style of decoration originated from the gothic architectural style of European churches. Gothic architecture occupies an important position in the history of architecture. The structural system of the Gothic church is composed of skeleton vouchers and flying buttresses. The basic unit is to make a double-circle skeleton vouchers on a square or rectangular flat column with four sides and a diagonal line. The roof slate is placed on the vouchers to form a vault. Now its superb design style is used by people for home decoration.

The above is how the Gothic decoration style Xiaobian brings to everyone, and how to choose decorative furniture in Gothic style. After reading it, did you know more about the Gothic style? At present, this style in China is still relatively small. If you like this style, you can try it out boldly. I hope to help everyone, if you want to know other relevant information, Please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

Gothic villa landscape

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